21 Questions
About your Change Management Strategy

21 Questions about your Change Management Strategy

  1. What are the warning signs that signal you must change?
  2. Does your organization change effectively when it needs to?
  3. How quickly are you able to provide new information to your customers based on the way they interact with your business? Within seconds? Hours? Days?
  4. Does senior management feel that they are allowed to admit they don’t know something or that they might be wrong on an issue?
  5. Have the leaders in your company ever admitted to being wrong?
  6. Are your major business processes stuck in silos?
  7. How do you increase communication and collaboration between silos?On your business processes:
  8. Do your business processes affect your business or customers negatively or get in the way of future business?
  9. Are your business processes centred around innovation?
  10. Are your business processes interconnected and adaptable enough to foster growth?
  11. Can you make the right decisions quickly or possibly automate them? What if you could?
  12. Does the infrastructure you’ve built perform optimally amidst change and uncertainty?
  13. Is there any way you could embrace a new application and service delivery model like using the cloud, Google Applications or mobile?What are your goals?
  14. Do you assess new tactics in a way to ensure they properly align with company goals?
  15. How do you ensure your process improvement goals are linked to appropriate KPI’s?
  16. Do your systems take so long to change that they slow business response?
  17. Does IT budget and resource constraints restrict your ability to deliver?
  18. Is your IT department changing and re-educating as new technology comes out?
  19. How current is the information potential customers see when they go to your website?
  20. How does your organization manage change and complexity?
  21. Does your IT team and operations team share the same end-goals?

Download the PDF here: 21 Questions About Your Change Management Strategy

21 questions about your change management strategy