22 Questions
On how to Break Your Customers Expectations

22 Questions On How To Break Your Customers Expectations

Define your ideal customers

  1. Who are your best customers? Describe them.
  2. Why are they your best customers? (Profitability, lifetime value, low acquisition cost, referral potential)
  3. What is the smallest portion of your target audience you could focus on?
  4. Who are your most profitable customers?
  5. Who else is a part of your target audience?
  6. Who definitely isn’t a part of your target audience? Describe them.
  7. What audience would you not care at all if you pissed them off?
    Define your ideal customers’ expectation
  8. What does your audience expect out of your product or service?
  9. What is the average service offering from your competitors?
  10. What is the benchmark in your industry?
  11. How do you know what your customers want?
  12. Do you get feedback from them?
  13. Does your service/product offering change as fast as your customers change?
  14. What intangibles do your customers expect from your product or service?
    Determine ways to break your customers’ expectations
  15. When delivering your product/service is there a moment where you could do something that makes your customers smile?
  16. What could you over deliver on without costing your company more money?
  17. What intangible value could you pass along to your current customers?
  18. What would you have to do to get someone to say something positive about your company on Facebook or Twitter?
  19. Could you do something different when your customer wants to buy that will make them remember you forever?
  20. Do you just communicate with your clients or do your clients love to hear from you?
  21. How could you make every interaction with your company a delightful experience?
  22. If you doubled your customer service budget what would you do?

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