The Top 100 Most Influential People on Twitter in Regina [Infographic]

Twitter birds RTingHave you ever wondered who the most influential people on Twitter in Regina are? I have, lots, I compiled a list of people to follow a while ago but it was a list I came up with myself (pretty, pretty, pretty, biased). The list below was created using Followerwonk An awesome tool from the goodlookin’ folks at Moz.

In Followerwonk you can search peoples’ bios, location, and much, more. For this infographic, I searched for all the people on Twitter with ‘Regina’ listed as their location. There were just over 21,000 results. Below are the top 100 people ranked by Social Authority. Social Authority is made up of three main parts, you can read more about it here and here.

The definition of Social Authority from MOZ:

  1. The retweet rate of a few hundred of the measured user’s last non-@mention tweets
  2. A time decay to favor recent activity versus ancient history
  3. Other data for each user (such as follower count, friend count, and so on) that are optimized via a regression model trained to retweet rate

Below you’ll also find three columns on the right that provide each individuals % Tweets w/ @contacts (a measure of how engaging you are), % Tweets w/ URLs (a measure of what you share) and % Retweets in your Timeline (a measure of how active you are). If you want a further explanation of what % Tweets w/ @contacts, % Tweets w/ URLs, and % Retweets in Timeline, see this post from the Moz on the new engagement metrics for Twitter. If Tweeter doesn’t have these values beside their name, it’s because Moz didn’t register the number, either inadequate information or not enough Tweet volume.


Searched bios on Twitter for: Regina

Sorted by: Social Authority

For the entire list of everyone who has a Social Authority ranking (and to find your own score), see the Spreadsheet here: 1292 of the Most Influential People on Twitter in Regina.


Stay tuned for the 100 most engaging people on Twitter from Regina.

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  1. Julian
    Julian says:

    It would be interesting to pull a list exactly like this but for all of Saskatchewan and compare who is more influential when you include all of Sask. There are people in rural areas who are influential and also in Saskatoon.

    Why limit it to just Regina when there could be someone on a farm no where near anyone else that is the most influential.

    Love the post! I’m sure this is doing wonders to drive traffic to your site. Well done – it would be good to include a written explanation of how the list is decided but the links are ‘good enough’

    • jephmaystruck
      jephmaystruck says:

      Ahhhh Julian, thank you for the idea of combining everyone into a Saskatchewan list. I just might have to do this. Initially I didn’t because once you combine data from three lists there will be over lap. Manually deleting lines in excel give me nightmares from my Accounting co-op job in university.
      I think I can put it together though.

      Thanks a lot for stoppin’ by, ya’ll com back now ya hear?!?

  2. John Klein
    John Klein says:

    Cool, thanks for compiling this. It’s great to meet new Regina tweeters.

    Feel free to included my other account @saskboy in your analysis next time. I must not have “Regina” listed in the bio, just Saskatchewan, but I’m from Regina.

    • jephmaystruck
      jephmaystruck says:

      John, this data set is automatically generated by the program Followerwonk. I didn’t “include” anyone, I just ran a report. If you’re not on it, you probably have your location listed as something else other than Regina.

      But stay tuned, we’re coming out with another list that I believe you are on.

      Cheers my friend, thanks for reading.


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