The Nicest Thing Someone Has Ever Done. EVER. – Episode 17 #InTheLab

The greatest customer service moment happened to me just the other day.

Galon Insurance has been a client for several years now. I had gone to their Saskatoon office and talked to them about online marketing, social media, their website strategy, you know, that ol’ chess nut. They were awesome to say the least. Personally, social media does nothing for a company or organization that isn’t innately “cool” or “fun” or “caring”. Social media just helps helps that. Always remember that culture trumps all. Figure out your culture and things will be good.

Galon Insurance Saskatoon has a great culture. You walk in and have a couple smiling people greeting you at the door. Next (my favourite part) they will give a balloon to any kids that come in, isn’t that just the best?!? Treat kids and the elderly with the utmost respect, you used to be the former and you’ll soon be the latter. So they’re already the coolest company in my mind.

Some moment during our meeting I get talking about food (surprise, surprise!) and my love for Fuddruckers. They were listening. They (Jenni) came to Regina for a meeting and brought along Fuddrucker’s burgers (wrapped in two’s, vacuum sealed) along with buns. GREATEST GIFT EVER. I was floored. I almost cried I was so happy. I couldn’t believe the generosity and the work that they put into it. They had to keep burgers frozen for a few hours on the way to Regina, an iced cooler and a bag of buns. I mean, who does that? Who puts in that kind of effort? Vacuum sealed in packs of two with the date on them. 

So that got me thinking about the greatest customer service experiences ever.

Fuddruckers patties as a present

Want to create the GREATEST customer service experience ever?


Follow these simple three steps (yes I do realize that the third step is about the process being difficult).

1. Listen

You can’t over deliver for a customer or employee if you don’t listen to them. Find out what they value, find out what they cherish in life. Is it time? Is it flexibility? Is it travel? Is it shoes? Is it vehicles? Is it Magic the gathering? Whatever it is, figure out what your employee, client or friend likes and find a way to get them exactly that.

If the folks at our meeting in Saskatoon weren’t listening they would never have known I love Fuddruckers.

2. Do whatever is completely unexpected

Once you’ve listened to your customer, now you need to determine what they would expect, and completely break that expectation. Find the norm for your client and go over and above that norm. Bringing a coffee to a meeting or donuts is pretty common. Giving away lottery tickets, stickers and postcards? That’s a little different and alright I guess, but show up to a meeting with burgers and buns?!? You’re top shelf in my books.

3. Put some effort into it

If it seems easy, don’t do it. Your effort shows when you’re communicating with customers. So many companies get it so wrong, they worry about getting more new customers without realizing that if they just treat their current customers in a remarkable way and their efforts will show. If you try to make an impression on people you will. If you try to just be like everyone else in your industry you’re going to fail. Get known for being you, whatever that is, just know it’s going to take some work.

Do whatever is completely unexpected