You know what really grinds my gears

The Condescending Customer Service Representative – Episode 14 #InTheLab

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  1. Honkin' Tonk Cal
    Honkin' Tonk Cal says:

    I’ll be willing to bet I know which hotel in Saskatoon that was. Did a major broadcast event with a major team and the manager there was willing to raise the ire of my entire ad agency, the major sports team, and CBC Sports.

  2. Elizabeth Nguyen
    Elizabeth Nguyen says:

    Yes! This grinds my gears too. A few months ago I was looking to buy a new vehicle. I was torn between two vehicles, so I went to two dealerships to check out each one. At one dealership (Mazda Regina) I received exceptional service and I really liked the vehicle, but I still wanted to check out the other one I was interested. So I went to the other dealership (which will remain unnamed) and here’s how the conversation went:
    Me: Hi, I’m interested in this vehicle.
    Him: Oh yes (rattles off details of vehicles). And I highly recommend that you lease this vehicle over X number of years.
    Me: Actually, I’m looking to just purchase it outright.
    Him: No, listen, i recommend to all my clients that you lease. You should really lease.
    Me: No you listen. I’m an accountant. And I know my own financial situation. I’m looking to purchase.
    Him: (Chuckles condescendingly). Okay. I think you’re making a mistake but okay.
    Me: you know what, I think I’m just going to go buy the other vehicle I was looking at.
    Him: (Chuckles condescendingly). Oh you’re probably looking at a Honda. It’s not as good as this one.
    Me: Actually, no I’m not. But I appreciate you telling me what I want and how I want it. Goodbye.


    • Jeph
      Jeph says:

      Thanks so much for reading Elizabeth!!! Oooooow the car industry, it’s ridiculous, I feel your pain!!
      It’s like people do business thinking humans don’t have a memory or that they aren’t going to be upset when over-sold to.
      Keep fighting the good fight!!



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