You know what really grinds my gears

The Condescending Customer Service Representative – Episode 14 #InTheLab

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  1. Honkin' Tonk Cal
    Honkin' Tonk Cal says:

    I’ll be willing to bet I know which hotel in Saskatoon that was. Did a major broadcast event with a major team and the manager there was willing to raise the ire of my entire ad agency, the major sports team, and CBC Sports.

  2. Elizabeth Nguyen
    Elizabeth Nguyen says:

    Yes! This grinds my gears too. A few months ago I was looking to buy a new vehicle. I was torn between two vehicles, so I went to two dealerships to check out each one. At one dealership (Mazda Regina) I received exceptional service and I really liked the vehicle, but I still wanted to check out the other one I was interested. So I went to the other dealership (which will remain unnamed) and here’s how the conversation went:
    Me: Hi, I’m interested in this vehicle.
    Him: Oh yes (rattles off details of vehicles). And I highly recommend that you lease this vehicle over X number of years.
    Me: Actually, I’m looking to just purchase it outright.
    Him: No, listen, i recommend to all my clients that you lease. You should really lease.
    Me: No you listen. I’m an accountant. And I know my own financial situation. I’m looking to purchase.
    Him: (Chuckles condescendingly). Okay. I think you’re making a mistake but okay.
    Me: you know what, I think I’m just going to go buy the other vehicle I was looking at.
    Him: (Chuckles condescendingly). Oh you’re probably looking at a Honda. It’s not as good as this one.
    Me: Actually, no I’m not. But I appreciate you telling me what I want and how I want it. Goodbye.


    • Jeph
      Jeph says:

      Thanks so much for reading Elizabeth!!! Oooooow the car industry, it’s ridiculous, I feel your pain!!
      It’s like people do business thinking humans don’t have a memory or that they aren’t going to be upset when over-sold to.
      Keep fighting the good fight!!


    • Lex
      Lex says:

      Some people push leases because that’s how dealerships make the most money. Also, never say you’re going to buy something outright because they will charge you more for it. It’s the art of negotiation with dealerships. Know ahead of time how much plates, titles, and associate fees and taxes will be going into the negotiation, many of these so-called reputable companies will like directly to your face.

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