The Business of Belief [14 Brilliant Quotes]

I recently finished an amazing read by Tom AsackerThe Business of BeliefHow the World’s Best Marketers, Designers, Salespeople, Coaches, Fundraisers, Educators, Entrepreneurs and Other Leaders Get Us to Believe.

It’s an easy read, not very long, and filled with wonderful little stories that teach memorable lessons in a simple manner. I loved the book and have since bought it for people. I really think you should pick up a copy, after all, don’t you want something to believe in?

I’ve heard this stat before but really puts into perspective the ‘maker’ culture we’re living in.

Every two days we create as much information... quotes-eric-schmidt-information

No matter what happens to marketing, advertising, or the social media world customer service will be a major deciding factor for many consumers. Developing a proactive customer service strategy is a brilliant endeavour for any organization.



Remember, computers will never replace your imagination and your intuition.

Quotes about computers compared to humans


Do what is difficult, make things simple.



When you believe in someone, you give them something incredibly valuable. We all need someone to believe in ourselves.



This will become a major issue for sales-forces. People innately don’t like to be sold to. What will happen to sales people?



The greatest leaders in the world inspire others and never want recognition for what they’ve done. 



The only thing you can guarantee about your future plan is that it’s going to change. May as well bake that right into the plan.



This is why the greatest leaders inspire, not demand, tell or force, they give the people around them something to believe in.

Belief depends upon the freedom to choose - Quotes


Encourage internal proactive change. It will happen regardless. If you’re proactive, you can anticipate and take advantage of the change.



Simply brilliant…



Stop going against the grain, instead find a different piece of wood.



Your real brain power comes from your sub-conscious mind. Figure out how to activate your unconscious and it will change your life.



I don’t think this was actually in the book. I just thought a dog riding a horse is pretty funny and awesome.


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  1. Greg Johnson
    Greg Johnson says:

    Great selection of ‘belief’ quotes. Belief Management and Belief Marketing are essential if you are looking to leverage the concepts in the Business of Beliefs: and, create a ‘Metaphysical Advantage’ in today’s connected world.

  2. Jan
    Jan says:

    My brain hurts now from thinking about these quotes so hard!! My favorite quote is the one about people hating to be sold. So true!!


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