David Senthavong

David Senthavong

Lead Videographer

Hey, I’m David Senthavong—the eye behind the camera, capturing life frame by frame. You might not catch me lounging at the office too often; I’m usually out in the field or holed up in my editing suite, where I bring stories to life through my lens.

Whether it’s the golden hour light or the candid smiles of an impromptu shoot, I live for those perfect shots that tell an entire story without a single word. Every project is a new adventure, a chance to create something unforgettable.

In the solitude of editing, I’m in my element, cutting and crafting the visual symphony you see on screen. It’s where raw clips become sleek, seamless narratives under my watchful eye.

I might be the team’s phantom videographer, but my work is my hello, my handshake, my sit-down conversation with you. Until I’m back, know that I’m out there doing what I love most—making the kind of videos that even I can’t wait to share.