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a psychedelic landscape in regina
the greatest negotiator you've never heard of copy

Does Advertising Work? A Two Part Podcast Series from Freakonomics

Does Advertising work? Short answer, not nearly as much as you'd…
In The Digital Era, Could You Disappear?
Find a Need, Start a Business! An Entrepreneurship Case Study
using Facebook to win an election
a smarter way for universities to charge for tuition
how to think 10x bigger
Ultimate Podcast list
the marketing of medicine

The Marketing of Medicine

Who would you rather have operate on you, a newly minted Doctor…
the worlds great lie-achievement is greater than fulfillment

The World’s Biggest Lie: achievement is greater than fulfilment

​The World's biggest lie according to Tony Robbins, "achievement…
strong opinions held loosely

Strong Opinions Held Loosely 

Hold strong opinions but hold them loosely. Things change, your…