24 Quotes on leadership, shipbuilding, management and much much more

25 Inspiring Quotes On Shipbuilding, Leading, Design and Happiness [From 8 Books]

From 8 of my favourite books comes these inspirational quotes. From shipbuilding to eating order, you’ll find a beautifully selected cross section of smart, inspiring and quotes that simply make you smile. Enjoy.

I love this quote because I think most people are driven to shoot for the moon. They’re told to have a modest life, sit in a row, do what your told, don’t talk out of line, and hopefully after 13 years of this they’ll want to work in a factory taking orders from people in big offices. Well it turns out that’s no fun, especially for those just starting at the bottom of the totem pole.

Have a vision, have a big hairy audacious goal, have something! Go on now, create your wild and crazy expectation.

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Pavel Datsyuk’s “Thoughts” on Stealth-Mode Business Strategy

Clients often ask the question of whether or not certain product features should be shared with the general public for fear of people copying them or defending against their tactics.

My usual response includes a quote from Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup:

“A head start is rarely large enough to matter, and time spent in stealth mode-away from customers-is unlikely to provide a head start. The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else.”

Sure, Pavel Datsyuk’s getting paid quite healthily to put these clips together for Reebok but just being willing to put this type of thing together shows a confidence in his ability to develop new shootout moves to add to his arsenal. Trying to keep these hidden and trying them only when no one’s watching would keep him focused on this one set. Instead, he’s letting everyone see and basically forcing himself to, as Eric Ries would suggest, learn faster than everyone else.

You can be sure he’ll have more to show this year and next. So should you and your business.