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How To Get a Website To Rank on the First Page of Google (For a LOCAL company)

Thanks to the Internet Archive's "Wayback Machine", we've been given a priceless opportunity to look back and reflect on how we've changed and grown over the years (or at least, how our website has!)
Capital C the Movie

The Sharing Economy: The Biggest Change Since The Industrial Revolution

The Sharing Economy: The Biggest Change Since The Industrial…
Google Adwords Image

Why You Should Be Using Google Adwords Featuring Mitch Gallant || Eps 36 #InTheDealership

This week's #InTheLab I get to interview Mitch Gallant, Marketing…
a beginners guide to website strategy

A beginners guide to website strategy

In the real world if your store has a better location, if you…

The Top 101 Most Searched Regina Keywords in Google [Infographic]

Have you ever wondered how many people in Regina are searching…
Google goes rainbow

Why Google is Winning and What This Means for You

Why: Long-term strategy: In a tech economy with four…

Three Simple Ways to Listen Online

As I hope you've read in my recent post, An Urgent Message…

What’s better Website Traffic, Search Engine Traffic or Social Media Traffic?

Hands down I think Search Engine traffic is better, below…
Professional Stock Photos-the we can make a mobile and a desktop website

9 Websites Brandon Built That Got To The Front Page of Google

The other day going a bunch of websites that Brandon had built…

How do I come up for ________ in Google search?

Coming up in Google for phrases your ideal customers are…