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Dear Montréal, We’re Stealing Mural Festival. Sincerely, The City of Regina.

You can judge a company based on how many thank you cards they get

You Can Measure Success by The Amount of Thank You Cards Received

Business Stock Photography, download or DIE!!!

FREE Downloadable Business Stock Photography Vol 2

Stock Photos are the worst

FREE Downloadable Professional Business Stock Photos

We all see the world through a different lens

Perspective: The Most Underrated Quality in Creating Design || Eps 38 #InTheLab

remarkable customer service is similar to being a dog

Customer Service Explained By The Friendliest Person In The World || Eps 33 of #InTheLab

Create holy $!%& moments

Most events aren’t meant to be remembered

“The Performance Begins Long Before The Curtains Open”

The Stanley Cup of Twitter: Bruins vs. Blackhawks