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don't take the credit

Don’t Take The Credit

Awards are overrated! I received an email "sorry to bother,…
whens the last time you bought something from a salesperson that you weren’t in the market for

If you want donations to your cause don’t ask for money 

If you want me to buy something the last way to do that is by…
Why You Don't Need a Marketing Strategy

Why You Don’t Need a Marketing Strategy // eps 50 #inthelab

Why You don’t Need a Marketing Strategy How many small startups…
I'm sorry I'm just too busy

Stop Saying You’re Too Busy || Eps 37 of #InTheLab

When ever someone says "I'm too busy" I'm always reminded…

Goals Are For Losers, Systems Are For Winners

Scott Adams wrote an inspiring book. It's called How to Fail…

KISSmetrics Infographic: How Do Colours Affect Purchases?

Infographic by KISSmetrics
Professional Stock Photos-the we can make a mobile and a desktop website

My Birthday Wish For You….

...is to inspire someone to do better. To achieve more. To aim…
Deep practice is built on a paradox struggling in certain targeted ways operating at the edges of your ability where you make mistakes makes you smarter

The Paradox of Work

If you want something in life you have to work your ass off for…