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caring more in the housing rental industry
lifetime warranty, high-fives, and homemade cupcakes
Queen City Pride- Six Years Ago We Fell In Love-Stratlab
What I learned at the Royal LePage Headstart Conference

What I Learned at a Royal LePage National Conference

This September I had the pleasure of speaking at, hanging out…

A 2016 @stratlab Year in Review 

Those who think they can change Regina are the ones who do.  -@Stratlab,…
Do you think people want to follow a faceless company online

How The Golden Rule Applies To Your Social Media Strategy // eps 45 #InTheLab

How The Golden Rule Applies To Your Social Media Strategy Common…

The Nicest Thing Someone Has Ever Done. EVER. – Episode 17 #InTheLab

The greatest customer service moment happened to me just the…
Digital Darwinism

The Nine Laws of New Business Strategy

1. A room is always smarter than the one person standing…
Professional Stock Photos-the wait a minute, i have one more really important something to tell you

3 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Won’t Exist In Five Years & What To Do About It

Underwhelming leadership, a reactive approach to technology,…