stratlab video department 17

StratLab Video Production in 2017

One of my favourite videos of all time. It made me tear up the first time I watched it. The part about this video no one really knows is Andy edited it the same day and had it to pride week organizers a few hours after the parade. The response online was overwhelming and I don’t think we would have had that type of response if we would have waited a few days or the regular week or two to ship the video. Hats off to you Andy!

Tourism Regina wanted a campaign to showcase what Regina is to us. That’s easy, we call it the greatest city you’ve never seen. The idea came when we had folks visit us from Fort McMurray visiting and they couldn’t stop talking about how much they loved the city. From Wascana park to the amazing night life, it’s easy to take Regina for granted, this short video puts into perspective all the different options you have in the Queen City.

We were at Welcome Week at the University of Regina capturing what makes that campus so special. Were you there?! Did you make the video?!


This was shown at the Groovy Baby Fundraiser for Hope’s Home. A Day in the life of Hope’s Home puts into perspective what life is like for folks who live and are supported there. What a place. Hope’s Home does amazing work in our city, we were very lucky to have worked on this.

An amazing conference put on by three different Credit Unions in Saskatchewan. #Differentiate was the theme, Jeph spoke at it and Andy filmed the wrap-up video. They had a DJ (who hires a DJ for a conference?!). You can see the culture in this video, Conexus is on to something me thinks!! #PeopleMatter

What a cool campaign Understand Us did this past spring. “Letters to no one” was a campaign that had students write letters to no one in particular. The act of doing something kind for strangers is powerful. The following day Understand Us received an email from someone who had just lost a loved one, they had received a letter from a student the day before and they wanted to let Understand Us know it helped, it really helped. In that moment a student literally changed the life of a stranger, that’s powerful. When students understand their power they will gain confidence and grow their self-esteem.


Gordon Gerrard is the Anthony Bourdain of music. The music director at the Regina Symphony Orchestra and wow is he passionate about music! It’s inspiring. You can tell within seconds of watching him, he loves was he does and isn’t afraid to talk about it. I’m excited to see what Mr. Gerrard has in store for the RSO in the months to come!