If all you share are selfie you're doing it wrong

Social Media Sharing Strategy: If All You Share Is _____ You’re Doing It Wrong 

If all you’re doing is sharing selfies, you’re doing it wrong.

If all you do is share quotes, you’re doing it wrong.

If all you do is share vacation photos, you’re doing it wrong.

If all you do is post cat photos, you’re getting closer but you’re still doing it wrong.

If all you do is share cat photos youre doing it wrong-2 copy

You need some variety, sometimes the best social media strategy is to get off line and do something. Every week document what you learned, who you helped, the community inspired, someone you look up to, a dear friend, a co-work that makes you laugh so hard milk comes out your nose.

The best social media accounts, I mean the ones people LOVE to follow are the accounts that develop (or intrinsically have a) personality all to themselves: Skittles on Twitter, the Ring Road Mattress Account, Gas Buddy with all their “themed” days, WestJet doing awesome things, Regina Police On Twitter(see slide below)…

Leopold’s Tavern does an amazing job to show you a behind the scenes look at one of Canada’s fastest growing chain of pubs. Everything about Leo’s is fun, there tagline is “Eat like a Prince and drink like the village idiot!” 

From Leopold’s Instagram account:

Leo's on Instagram

the Regina Symphony when Taron Tweeted like a Pirate, The Marc Kelly on any platform…

Eric Dillon’s easily one of the best executives in Saskatchewan, if not Canada, on social media. He listens, he engages, he tells bad jokes, and genuinely cares about the community.

Cory Booker, Senate representative from New Jersey. He’s always had a personality when communicating online.

Life’s short, go do something fun, something that makes you smile.

When it comes to social media strategy and determining “what” exactly to share, stop trying to come up with the perfect approach and let go of control of it. The loudest person on your team probably has a good idea on what to share. If you can allow others to be a part of it they’ll take ownership, they’ll want to make it their own. Variety is not only the spice of life, it also spices up your marketing strategy!

Remember, It’s okay to be different.

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