21 Questions
About your Search Engine Strategy

What’s your Search Engine Strategy? How do people find you in Google?

Download the PDF here: 21 Questions About Your Search Engine Strategy

KWP = a keyword phrase someone would search in Google to find your website.
(EXAMPLE: if you own “Barry’s Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin Company” keyword phrases you’d want to rank for would be: Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins, Muffins in “city you’re in”, where to find banana chocolate chip muffins. Every industry has different keyword phrases, for your industry try to determine what the most search keyword phrases would be.

Top 101 most search keywords in Regina (from 2013 but interesting to see what’s on the list!)

If you don’t know what keyword phrase people search the most for in your industry or you want ideas on what to rank for, try Google Keyword Planner. Sorry you’ll need a Google Adwords account if you don’t already have one. The good news is you should be able to use the free $50 Google credit, message me below if you want to know more. Google Keyword Planner allows you to look up any keyword phrase and tells you what the estimated search volume is and estimated cost for a click on a Google Ad if you had one.

Or if you really want to be the Bill Nye of your marketing team, get a Moz account and use their Keyword Explorer, it’ll tell you even more than Google’s and allows you to track rankings over time. A great way to set goals and hold your online marketing strategy accountable. Ha! Think about that, your marketing strategy actually being measured and improved over time!

21 Questions about your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy

  1. Our website should be coming up in the Google search engine when you search KWP1, KWP2, and KWP3. (EXAMPLE: for a plumber in Regina. Plumbing Regina, Regina plumbers, plumbing company Regina, residential plumber Regina, commercial plumber Regina)
  2. Do you have specific pages on your website dedicated to KWP1, KWP2, and KWP3? (EXAMPLE: Non-profit in Regina: non-profit in Regina, Regina charity outreach, donate to Regina charity, how to help Regina charity) 
  3. Are those specific pages dedicated to keywords optimized properly? (appropriate title tag, H1 tag, URL, meta tags, meta description)
  4. What’s your keyword strategy? How do you prevent keyword over-optimization? (do you have a plugin installed that’ll tell you keyword density like Yoast SEO?)
  5. Do you write regularly on your blog about KWP1, KWP2, and KWP3?
  6. When you look at what ‘tags’ you use on your blog, are KWP1, KWP2, and KWP3 used in alot of blog posts?
  7. What websites are linking back to your website?
  8. What website domains are linking to your competitors’ websites?
  9. What does your website come up for in Google search?
  10. How much organic search engine traffic does your website get?
  11. What percentage of your organic search is for non-branded keywords?
  12. Do you an even distribution of traffic from referral, direct, and search engines?
  13. What is your most profitable traffic? Why?
  14. What are your five more visited pages? Do you know why they are your most visited pages?
  15. What are your five pages with the highest exit rate or bounce rate? Visit those pages and ask yourself why are people leaving so readily.
  16. How will you measure an increase in your rankings on the Google search engine results page?
  17. How do you use Google analytics to make better strategic decisions?
  18. Do you actively seek feedback on the user experience of your website? Just trusting that “the boss likes it” is a major mistake.
  19. Do you know if it’s easy for search engines to crawl your website? (Excessive crawl errors negatively affect your rankings)
  20. Do you have any idea how much traffic you could be acquiring in the next 5-10 years being one of the top results in Google?
  21. Do you have a website strategy? Including measurable goals?

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