23 Questions
About your Content Creation Strategy

23 Questions to ask about your Content Strategy


  1. How do your potential customers find you?
  2. Are they searching for you?
  3. Would they Google You?
  4. Do your target customers do research online before they make a purchase?
  5. How will your target customers find you in 2 years? In 5 years?
  6. What’s the purpose of your website?
  7. What do people say about your website?
  8. Do people go to your website to entertain themselves or to solve a problem?
  9. Do you have Google Analytics set up?
  10. Do you understand what you are measuring?
  11. If people only read your “About page” what impression would they have of your company?
  12. What’s the most interesting thing about your company?
  13. What can you teach people on your blog?
  14. Do you have repeat customers?
  15. Do you know why they keep coming back to you instead of the competition?
  16. Can you offer a new opinion in your industry?
  17. Once a month can you develop an awesome list of _________?
  18. What opinion do you hold that differs from your entire industry?
  19. If you were writing a 48-chapter book about your company, could you write something each month for 4 years?
  20. If a journalist stopped by your office tomorrow what story about your company would you give them?
  21. What interesting or helpful stories would your staff have?
  22. Have you ever thought about creating something other than a blog? A presentation? A weekly video? A podcast? A live webinar?
  23. What would people come back to your website for again and again?

Download the PDF here: 23 Questions About Your Content Strategy

23 questions about your content strategy