Random Acts of Lottery Tickets (RALTs)

Random Acts of Lottery Tickets (RALTs) – Episode 9 #InTheLab

Random Acts of Lottery Tickets (RALTs) – coming to a city near you…

Random Acts of Lottery Tickets

Random Acts of Lottery Tickets are a way to make someone’s day. You should try it for yourself, no you don’t need to give away lottery tickets, any type of good deed will work!

I’ve been giving lottery tickets away to people in presentations, in workshops, during client meetings, in class, the first time I meet someone, and sometimes at complete random. I love it. It’s incredibly fun to watch people’s faces when you do something for them unexpected. You can truly create bliss out of nothing, well I guess it costs a dollar for me, but what I get in return is much more valuable.

Simon Sinek in a presentation talks about what happens in your brain when you’re a part of a good deed. Whether it’s done for you, by you or you witness it, there are positive effects in your brain that you get. Specifically the release of Oxytocin, a chemical that makes you feel good. If you want to learn more watch the video of Mr. Sinek himself.

So basically I get to give away lottery tickets every day which in turn makes me happier every day. How amazing is that!?

Having a bad day? Give something to someone. Send someone you love a text saying just that, better yet, call them for a change. It’s not hard to do good deeds, most people just don’t understand why they’d want to do good deeds. But most people don’t understand all the positive affects of doing something nice for others. Your brain gets a big payout.

Random Acts of Lottery Tickets

To sum up this post on RALTs

1. Random acts of kindness make you feel good, not just spiritually, biologically too.

You don’t do random acts of kindness just because you’re a nice person, you now know there is a positive biological affect in your brain that you benefit from by doing something nice or witnessing something nice happen to other people.

2. Plan to make someone’s day, every day. Then you’re guaranteed to smile at least once per day.

If you remain positive every day, it’ll be contagious. You’ll see people wanting to meet with you more, talk to you more and be around you more, just because of the positive energy you exude. Make someones day. A random compliment, a smile to a stranger, a large tip at a restaurant, a bouquet of flowers, a box of donuts, chocolate, coffee, and the list goes on. Be one of those people who makes others better for being around them.

3. Don’t ever underestimate the power of a small act of kindness, even a $1 can turn someone’s day completely around.

A hand written note can sometimes mean the world to someone, don’t underestimate a small unexpected gift. Our culture is built around gifting during special occasions, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc. Why not surprise people all year round?! Keep your friends guessing. Keep your clients guessing. You don’t have to give much to show people you care.


Want a lottery ticket for yourself? Easy peasy! Share this post on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and the first 10 will receive a lottery ticket, no questions asked. If you live outside of Regina I can mail it to you!  

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