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Perspective: The Most Underrated Quality in Creating Design || Eps 38 #InTheLab

This week Eddy and I are talking about perspective. Why do we trust designer? What do create professionals see that others do not? What’s so special about having taste?  

Trust your designer

There’s a reason they are a designer, they have perspective. Trust them. Any creative needs some free reign over what they’re doing, they are artists after all. Don’t micro manage any creative process, that’s a great way to create something extremely mediocre.

Go to your designer with what you want and let them cook you up something delicious!

There’s no such thing as “free reign”

Yes give your designer some creative control but like Eddy says, “you don’t want to give me free reign, my reign could be all over the place!”. Creatives need structure to create in, no one just “creates” they create under certain circumstances. to create something amazing.

It’s hard to have perspective when you’re in the middle of it

I’m on the Regina Volleyball Club board and I self admit to not being a good marketer for my own club. I’m bias, I’ve been in it too long and I’m too attached to it. I need someone else to make decisions on the look of our club and how we outreach to our customers (Volleyball Players).

Your goal is to create “Cognitive Ease” with your brand

Thinking Fast Thinking SlowIn Daniel Kahnmen’s Think Fast, Thinking Slow, he talks about how a clean logo offers your brain cognitive ease, meaning that it doesn’t trip your type 2 brain and force you into looking into the organization further. Clean design is pleasing to the eye and can fool your brain into thinking you can trust the organization behind it.

From the book: System 1 is the fast, intuitive, and automatic way of making decisions and judgments. System 2 is the slower way of thinking that requires more conscious judgments and critical analysis.

You don’t want people critically analyzing your company after they see your logo. You want them to get a pleasant feeling, a quick look at the logo garners trust. Difficult, but not impossible. Talk to your designer about creating cognitive ease!

No creative really knows what they’re doing, it’s a constant state of reinvention.

That’s what makes their perspective so valuable. They’re constantly recreating what they think looks “cool”. From the brilliant Netflix series Chef’s Table, one of the featured chef’s Niki Nakayama resides in Los Angeles and has made a name for herself for serving intricate 13-course Kaiseki meals, a Japanese tradition dating back to the 13th century. The most inspiring part of her story? n/naka her restaurant keeps track of every visitor who comes through to ensure they never serve the same meal twice! 

I love the idea of constantly recreating what you do so you never get in the rut of “but this is what we’re known for, we can’t change!!!!”

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Perspective-the most underrated quality in creating design