There’s No Such Thing As a Neutral Brand Impression

comic-sansEvery time you come in contact with any brand, company, or organization you either like it a little bit more or like it a little bit less, the feeling is never completely neutral.  The majority of these impressions (feelings) come from your sub-conscious mind, which makes it difficult to understand why you feel the way you do about some brands.  Just assume everything is marketing.

They way the flight attendant smiles at you gives you an impression of the airline.

The way a hostess open the door at a restaurant changes your impression of the establishment.

The way the cashier talks to you while making a purchase changes your impression of the store.

The font you use on doors in your office changes our impression of your company.

The disgruntled person at your front desk makes us think differently about your entire organization.

The tone you answer e-mails in and your response time creates a brand impression.

People talking about your company on Facebook creates a powerful brand impression.

The way your sales staff introduce themselves creates an impression of your company.

Your e-mail signature gives us an impression of your organization.

Using QR Codes in your advertising creates a brand impression (a very negative one for me personally, HA!).

Using hashtags relentlessly on Twitter gives us an impression of your company.

Today, the things you’d never think would influence an opinion more often than not, do.

As much as you think the yellow pages, billboards, radio, TV, magazines and newspapers advertising are the only ways to market yourself, you’re creating brand impression daily.  As the usage of these mediums continues to decrease, one can only assume people are basing more of their opinion on the little things that create an overall brand impression.

What impression is your brand giving people?

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