My Top 5 Books of 2013

The One Thing

1. The One Thing – if you don’t need motivation, if you get lots done in a day, if you’re a great multi-tasker you’re going to hate this book. It won’t inspire you to do your best work yet.
I loved it.

The Ten Faces of Innovation

2. The Ten Faces of Innovation – innovation sucks, why would you want to read another book on innovation. The Ten different faces and how to use them within your organization is no help whatsoever, you’re probably going to want to pass this one up. The author who started the innovation firm IDEO probably doesn’t know much on the topic anyway.

Personally, the best read on innovation yet.

Brand-Delusions by Bill Leider

3. Brand Delusions – if you actually think you understand branding already you probably are a pompous horses patoot. If you want an entertaining read about how our world now looks at branding maybe find the torrent of this book and download for free. After all, branding only works on cattle right?

I reference this book a lot teaching in my SIAST class.

Choose Yourself-Jame Altucher

4. Choose Yourself – I know what you’re thinking, worst name for a book ever. Ever. Now if you can get past the name there are some entertaining stories and important lessons to be learned. Personal branding isn’t something you should be worried about. How to navigate yourself through the changing internet world isn’t something you’re going to need to read up on anytime soon.

Put the radio on and don’t choose this book.

James Altucher (the author) is brilliant.

The Business of Belief book

5. The Business of Belief – Think traditional leadership tactics suck and want to learn what the best do? You’re not going to learn much from this novel packed with short stories presented in an almost too easily read manner. Pick up a text book if you really want to learn about belief, or take a religious studies course at the University of Regina. Until then you may have to read this book.

I loved this one so much I was buying it for clients to read.

Honourable mention to John Medina’s Brain Rules also one of my favs from this year. I’ve used this book in several presentations.

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