The Modern Day Security Blanket

The Modern Day Security Blanket

Have you ever been out in public, bored or not knowing what to do and your first reaction is to grab your phone? You do it all the time. On dates, with family, during meetings, that device is becoming the death of you.

Just like any child you need to understand what you’re doing so eventually you can leave your security blanket behind.

I really encourage people in our office to turn off notifications on their phones. All that beeping and buzzing is annoying, really think about what those notifications are. Facebook? Instagram? Snapchat? Email? Really what you’re doing is getting small shots of dopamine to your brain, it’s exciting, it’s verifying you’re “cool” but how much of it is just noise?

But what about emergencies Jeph?!

I hear that rebuttal a lot “I need to be connected, what if there’s an emergency?” The problem is there’s no such thing as an emergency email. People call in an emergency, they don’t email.

Why do we feel we need to be constantly connected

Why do we feel we need to be constantly connected? Is it really helping you in your job? Your family? Your friend circle? I bet the opposite is the case.

There was a study done that found the more time you spend on Facebook the less happy you end up being in your own life. Most likely because FOMO (fear of missing out), we compare our regular lives to people’s vacations, party’s and celebrations. We’re never good enough. Or Facebook wants you to believe it so you add more photos of you shopping somewhere fancy. Maybe it’s a new handbag or jacket that gives you the self esteem boost this week. And really is it an new product if you don’t Instagram or Snapchat it?

We live our lives through our social media accounts. If we post, get another like, or comment on one of our ‘besties’ photos, it feels good for the moment, but what’s next?

Much like the addict, the social media fiend needs another shot of dopamine.

Much like the addict, the social media fiend needs another shot of dopamine. It’s getting more frequent now. We’re getting a little looser with what we post. Keg stand pictures or half nude photos seem to do the best, better share more, better share more regularly. It’s so sad.

And these are the sad thoughts from young people in our world trying to find relevance, trying to find self-esteem.

What started as a simple habit everyone was doing has turned into an entire eposodic condition of relentless connection to people we barely know and care about even less.

The modern day security blanket exists, almost everyone has one.

Just because you can post something doesn’t mean you should. We’re all aspiring YouTubers waiting for our big moment when Pewdie Pie shares our video, song, or handle.

What happens when you get famous? What happens when you get all the followers you’ve ever wanted? What happens when all your social media dreams come true?

You’d probably start living your life.

You’d probably stop caring as much about each like, follow, or comment and start caring more about your future.

What if you stopped caring as much about your social media life and started living your real life?

Easier said than done.

Don’t message me on Twitter or Facebook about this post, I’ve turned off my notifications. 🙂

The Modern Day Security Blanket