How do you design a logo?

How Do You Design a Logo? – Episode 8 of #InTheLab


Eddy Alvaro

If you need a logo designed, better call Eddy!

Episode 8 of #InTheLab I get to talk to Eddy Alvaro, a design, dance, and digital professional from Regina who has a brilliant way of looking at designing your next logo. Eddy has a brilliant eye for design. In everything he creates he takes into account who the audience is, what he’s trying to get out of them and determines the minimalist way to get there. He’s a creative mastermind who takes the personality of an organization and captures it in a logo.

Outside of design Eddy’s just a down to earth dance teachin’ Regina guy who’s a positive influence on anyone he comes in contact with. If you ever want inspiration for design just check out his Instagram account.

Logo Design

You need an image that stands out amongst the crowd, that speaks to your strengths, and that can convey a message. When people see it from across the room they should instantly know it’s your brand. Some of the greatest logo’s are incredibly simple. Some of the greatest logo’s have evolved over time as well. There are very few rules that remain consistent across all logo design but below are Eddy’s 4 rules he references when he’s designing.


Eddy uses 4 rules when he goes about logo design. Simplicity, Subtlety, Colour and Contrast.


Your logo should be noticeable from a far ways away, the simpler, the better. The vast majority of the worlds greatest logo’s are incredibly simple. Don’t over thin it, create something that is recognizably your own.

MTV Logo Nike  Logo


Playing with the negative space around your logo can pay big rewards. Done correctly, a subtle nuance to catch the viewers attention in a different way, can keep a logo top of mind amongst the competition.

Do you see the small arrow between the “E” and the “X”?

FedEx Logo

The Quicksilver logo and sister brand Roxy have a subtle twist. Two Quicksilvers make a Roxy.

Roxy and Quicksilver logo

From A to Z!

Amazon Logo


Colour has always played a very important role in marketing. Colours have many different feeling and emotions that we attach to them. Different cultures view colours in a different way, be careful when you’re trying to target an international audience.

Understanding why we look at some colours differently than others is good background research you need to be doing before you decide on your perfect colour(s).

If you want to learn more about how colour affects behaviour, check out these articles: What Your Logo’s Color Says About Your Company, The Psychology of Color in Logo Designand Psychological Properties of Colour.

Starbucks logo History 1971-2011


To be noticed in a black and white world, one would use colour to stand out. In a colourful world, black and white would grab your attention. Contrast is subjective and best left to the professional. This is why people say “leave the creative work to the professional” a designed understands contrast in your industry better than you do. Trust them. A great logo stands out on a t-shirt, looks great on a poster/sign and people recognize it.

Still the most difficult of the four to understand, contrast is the reason you’re unique, the reason you’re just a little different than all the rest. Your logo can reflect that if you let go of control and let a design create it for you.

McDonalds and Mercedes evolution of the logo


From Eddy’s website: 

The Imaginarium of Eddy Alvaro

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