Job 1: LEARN (Slide Show)

Before you do ANYTHING, do this:

Slide Breakdown

  • 1. Learn
  • 2. “The only way to win is to learn fasterthan everyone else.”- Eric Reis Author “The Lean Startup”
  • 3. It’s simple:If you’re not learning, you’re losing.Learn who you are.Learn who your customers are.Learn the platforms needed to connect.
  • 4. You.Don’t assume people will love you.Don’t incessantly bleed brand info.Create context, provide value, bend over backwards
  • 5. “Don’t simply spend on advertising to create an image for your business.Spend on the human capital andprocesses that will make your customer’s one-on-one experienceremarkable. The effect will be real and spread exponentially. Youradvertising will be real.”- Me Author “This Presentation”
  • 6. Platforms. It’s not about the next big thing. It’s not about social media. It’s about where people are.
  • 7. Market like it’s 2012. Not 2008. Not 2016. 2012.
  • 8. It’s simple: If you’re not learning, you’re losing. Learn who you are. Learn who your customers are. Learn the platforms needed to connect.