Is a Bank With Amazing Customer Service an Oxymoron?

It’s a true story alright.

Last weekend I lost my access card. I called TD Sunday afternoon to cancel my card. Here’s how the conversation went.

Me: I’d like to report a lost access card. TD-Canada-Trust

Heather: Sir, were you drinking?

Me: (stumbles over my own words then bursts out laughing)

Heather: I’m just kidding! We can get you a new card no problem.

We preceded to chat for another 5-10 minutes, she was hilarious. Probably the best customer service experience I’ve had in a long time so I tweeted this:

Then 14 minutes later I get the reply:

On Remembrance Day to boot. I think TD’s doing one hell of a job with their online presence and obviously they are finding some great people to represent the company in the customer service department.

Telling this story I always get the response from someone “well that could have gone wrong in a hurry!”. I agree, it could have. But if Heather just does her job to ensure she was going to please everyone she wouldn’t have delighted me with such a funny conversation. From my online profile she probably saw I was in my 20’s, a marketing consult, c’mon what person in my occupation and age wouldn’t laugh at how the situation panned out.

Taking a risk to talk to your customers in a different way has the potential to pay off in how your customers perceive your organization. Good one TD.