If It’s Your Customers You Wish To Delight…

cool711store…strive to do the little things right.

I went to a Seven Eleven the other night to grab a drink. When I walked in there was a line up three people deep. I grabbed my drink and stood at the end of the lineup. Then something amazing happened.

There were two people working, one at the till and one packaging food behind the till operator. When the packager looked up and saw the lineup forming she immediately dropped what she was doing and opened another till to move people through the line faster.

This might seem trivial and that I’m making a big deal out of a tiny act of customer service. You may even argue that what this Seven Eleven employee did was common sense, but I don’t believe that for one minute. If it’s your customers you wish to delight, strive to do the little things right.

The person was empowered enough to care about customer wait times, she obviously understands that she can directly influence the customer experience. Subconsciously telling everyone in the line that this Seven Eleven actually cares about its customers.

You don’t often see companies acting in the best interests of customers, so when you do, it stands out. More importantly, if Seven Eleven gets it, your company has no excuse not to.

If it’s your customers you wish to delight, strive to do the little things right.

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Photo Credit to this amazing 7 11 Tumblr

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