How to identify the type of person you don't want to work with

How To Identify The Type of Person You Don’t Want To Work With // Eps 55 #inthelab

How To Identify The Type of Person You Absolutely Don’t Want To Work With?

People that make fun of others.

In the service industry you get a chance to work with all different kinds of people. Some good, some bad, and yes some are freaking ugly (to deal with). This is to help you identify someone you absolutely don’t want to work with.

Someone who talks bad about others. More specifically your competitors or their competitors. People who say mean things about other companies have no place in the business community. When you associate with people who say bad things about others, what makes you think they don’t say bad things about you behind your back?

It’s happened to us at Strategy Lab Four distinct times now. It’s a textbook mistake, I should be smarter by now.

During our first meeting with these folks they would bash other marketing companies they’ve worked with. And always say negative things about their competitors as well. The thing is with these people, if they’re willing to talk bad about others behind their back, why would they treat you any different? 

Four times over now we start working with these “negative people” and sure enough a few months in they don’t want to work together anymore. We become the new “terrible company” that they complain about to everyone. Too high of expectation, know-it-alls, the type of people that if something good happens they blame the work they put in, but if something bad happens they’re quick to blame you or your team for what happened.

You’re never going to please these people. Run away from them as fast as you can.

I should have saw it coming. People who like to talk bad about others behind their back always look at the negative side of things. They’re waiting for you to mess up. Instead of proactively trying to work towards a solution they’re fine complaining from the sidelines.

You can’t please these people. If you get their business to a point where they’re making money they’ll fire you faster than Billy Mayes could sell you a product.


You are what you think about. -Al Derges

When you immediately feel the need to poke fun at others or habitually see the negative side of others it’s an attitude. It’s an attitude you can change. It’s a choice to make fun of people. Usually we do it to make ourselves feel better. People with little ego need to reassure themselves that they are valuable, and they do that by putting others down. The ego shot is short lived, and the “adult bully” needs to find another victim to get a serge of that dopamine to their ego.

It’s a horrible cycle. People don’t feel confident in themselves, they keep shallow relationships, never really becoming close to people. Over time they don’t know how to interact with people other than making fun. It’s sad. It’s the reason why you shouldn’t tolerate adult bully’s.

The next time someone is speaking negative about someone else politely remind them that “poking fun” at others is what children do on the playground. No adult should ever entertain someone bad mouthing another human.

Once we decide to only focus on the positive life gets happier. You stop looking for the worst in people and situations. You start believing in people, seeing the best in people, almost like a mentor or inspiring coach.

You don't have to be a negative nancy all your life

You don’t have to be a negative Nancy all your life. You can change.