How to get your Facebook Page Back

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  1. Bob Rebeka
    Bob Rebeka says:

    Thank you so much. I was skeptical and was just about to give up on trying to gain Admin access to our Facebook page when my Social Media Specialist left our company. I followed every step of your process including a copy of our business license (which was notarized) and verification that I am who I say I am with a notary and submitted the package for review. This morning after 6 weeks of not hearing anything from Facebook, I sent an email asking for status and they responded with admin access. I am so happy! Thank you.

  2. Jamir
    Jamir says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!!! Not having the correct access has been so stressful for the past year trying to get Facebook to contact me. This worked a treat for me and I now am back up and running. You’re awesome and thank you for taking the time to help others. 🙏

  3. K Hasan Khan
    K Hasan Khan says:

    My personal FB account (2years old) got disabled because I got some copyright claims for a video that i put on one of my Fanpages. The fanpage is still live, but I lost my personal FB account.

    This was my personal accout and I want to recover it because it’s connected with my FB ads account. Does anyone have any tips how to recover this account?

  4. Anton
    Anton says:

    Hi Carter,

    Many thanks for providing all this information and taking time to respond to peoples questions.

    I have followed the steps and I’m at the stage where FB have replied with “Thanks for contacting us. Please note this channel is only for reporting infringement of your intellectual property rights…”

    The problem is they have not forwarded my issue to the relevant department. Instead I received a response saying “We are not able to help with account access issues through this channel, the following links may be helpful”. The links were basically generic links to articles about hacked accounts which were no use to me.

    It has been a week and I have followed up with the FB staff member who sent the email. I have asked them twice now if they could forward the email to the appropriate department however I have not received a response. I have also checked the support inbox and there is nothing.

    I’m based in the UK, is there anything else I can do at this stage? Any help would be appreciated.

  5. Nicole W
    Nicole W says:

    Thank you very this and fingers crossed it works. I Still have access to my Instagram though.
    Somehow I deleted admin rights for the facebook business page from my shopify page and no one is listed now. So frustrating!!

  6. Zak
    Zak says:

    Hey, you literally saved my page and I can’t thank you enough.
    Do you have Venmo? I’d love to buy you a beer or coffee!

  7. Becky B
    Becky B says:

    I did this and they said they sent it to the people who work with admin. The funny thing is, I am still able to control my Instagram and still able to share the Instagram post to Facebook. Any ideas or help?

  8. Tóth László István
    Tóth László István says:

    Thank you very much for the description. Along this line, I am trying to regain my admin rights to my site. Now I’m trying it for the third time. It’s pretty disappointing how they deal with such issues at faceook.
    Is there any explanation for what happened that my admin rights disappeared overnight? Is this a bug? I did not receive any notice that it had ceased. How can this happen? I do not understand…

    • Carter
      Carter says:

      Hey Toth,

      It is not normal to have your page admin privileges revoked without notice. Are there any other admins on the page that may have removed you? If so, is it possible to contact them and request they add you back?
      It’s also possible that, if you experienced a recent account suspension due to a violation of Facebook’s community guidelines, you may have lost access to some of Facebook’s features. Also, make sure you are logged in using the same Facebook account you normally use to manage your page.

      All I can offer if none of the above applies to you is to continue the page recovery process described in the post above.


      • Tóth László István
        Tóth László István says:

        Thanks for the reply! We were two administrators and overnight we both lost our access without any notice. We have two editors left, but they cannot do nothing. The trouble is, that i think, Facebook himself doesn’t understands what happened. Could this be reported as a bug? Unfortunately i tried everything but i don’t understand how can a page be left without an administrator?

        • Hamza Attila
          Hamza Attila says:

          Hello Istvan, I see you come from Hungary too! We have the same problem! If you found a possibility, please write! We are also very desperate! 🙁 Our FB page is there even without admin … (3400 k)
          BR Hamza Attila

        • Luis Guerrero
          Luis Guerrero says:

          Hello Tóth,
          Had same issue on 30th october.
          Suddently, Im not admin of my page anymore. There’s no another admin. And some ppl I know, had the same issue. Could be a major bug with business update and such stuff? had no notifications about ban or terms violation anyway… did you had any new from Facebook. Excellent post Carter. Best wishes.

          • Tóth László István
            Tóth László István says:

            It worked for me! But I registered with the business manager and sent the error there in the help because I thought they were more likely to respond there. That’s what happened, and after a week of fighting, I got my page back. I made the requested data based on a template made by Carter. Thank you so much Carter!

            Anyway, it is incomprehensible to me that they are ignoring this serious problem at facebook, because, as it turns out, it is not an individual case. It’s really outrageous, especially for someone who invest a lot of money in facebook ads and then you won’t even be appreciated for a response. So a company cannot do this to anyone. Because this is not about being banned by another admin, but clearly about an inseparable or intentional bug!

  9. Veronika
    Veronika says:

    Hello, Carter! I don’t remember what video was right, that how to write copyright form to Facebook. I tried different ways and suddenly they asked me to send ID and notarized document, and I wrote they same way as was in your text like: hello, please find my governement id etc. And wow, finally I got my page back. So thank you also for help!

  10. Justin Thomas
    Justin Thomas says:

    Hey, I just wanted to thank you for this article. I had someone come to me after their Facebook account was hacked and their business page was stolen.

    I used your script to get their access back. Some things were slightly different in the UK it seems, but I adjusted the message and steps slightly and it was all sorted in the end.

    End-to-end, I think it took about 2 hours of my time, maybe a little bit more, but from start to finish, the process started Thursday or Friday and the page was returned to its rightful owner on Sunday.

    A great result!

    thanks so much.

  11. Nestor D. Navarro
    Nestor D. Navarro says:

    Hello Sir Carter, this is what i received from facebook…

    The Facebook Team received a report from you. For reference, your complaint number is 2797386557257243.

    Please note that the form you filled out is for reports of alleged infringements or violations of your legal rights, such as copyright or trademark. If you filed that type of report, no further action is necessary. However, if you contacted out team about another matter, you might not receive a response.

    If you’re not confident that your issue concerns intellectual property rights, please consult the Intellectual Property section of the Help Center for additional information.
    IP Help Center:

    Please note that we regularly provide the rights owner’s name, your email address and the nature of your report to the person who posted the content you are reporting. You may wish to provide a professional or business email address for contact by users.

    For help with matters other than infringement/violation of your legal rights, the links below may be helpful:
    – Hacked accounts:
    – Fake/Impostor accounts (timelines):
    – Abuse (including spam, hate speech and harassment):
    – Pages (including admin issues):
    – Unauthorized photos or videos:
    – Login issues:
    – Help for users who have been disabled or blocked:

    If the links above do not contain the information you’re looking for, you may want to search the Help Center for more assistance:

    As a reminder, if your submission contains a report of alleged infringement/violation of your legal rights, no further action is necessary. We will look into your matter shortly.

    Thanks for contacting Facebook,

    The Facebook Team
    Who owns the copyright? : Me or my organization
    Your name (name and surname) : Nestor D. Navarro
    Your job responsibility : Owner, officer or director (non-legal)
    Mailing address : G&B Navarro Apartment, Umbac Subdivision, Calindagan, Dumaguete City
    Phone number : +639177174088
    Email address :
    Confirm your email address :
    Name of the rights owner : G&B Navarro Apartments
    Where is the rights owner based? : Philippines
    What type of content are you reporting? : Other
    Please provide links (URLs) leading directly to the specific content you are reporting. :
    Why are you reporting this content? : Other
    Please clarify why you are reporting this content. : This report is submitted by Nestor D. Navarro, the rightful owner of G&B Navarro Apartments.
    The purpose of this report is to petition for the role of Administrator to be returned to me by Facebook.
    At this time, there is no account with the Administrator role on the page, and as such I am unable to access it.
    There appears to be no way for me to regain access to my page, nor for Administration privileges to change hands whatsoever, without intervention by Facebook staff.
    It is hereby requested that the role of “Admin” for the Facebook page be given to the Facebook account linked below:
    My Profile:
    My Page:
    Which of these best describes your original copyrighted work? : Other
    Please describe your copyrighted work. : A business’ name, logo, brand identity, images, and social media presence.
    Where can we see an authorized example of your work? :
    Do you agree? : Yes
    Electronic signature : Nestor D. Navarro

  12. Little Wolf
    Little Wolf says:

    Hello, i created a Facebook page 3 years ago and a month ago overnight i was the Admin anymore.I followed all the steps from your article, but i couldn’t find a notary in my city to legalize the statement of request…they cant do it, because they never did before, and some said i cant show for sure that it’s my page. What can i do if i dont find a notary in Romania to do it?

  13. Stojanka Rikić
    Stojanka Rikić says:

    Hi, we lost admin roles on 28th of september and reported it, we comunicate with fb support daily, provided them all of the documentation but for almost a month they tell us to wait fot their internal team to review it. We send them ads reciept with over 10 thousand USD INVESTED in ads for that page, we hopet it will fasten them because it is not their interest to lose us as their clients. Is it normaln to wait for that long?

    • Carter
      Carter says:

      Hey Stojanka

      No, it is not normal for them to make you wait that long, and it is certainly not in their best interest to treat you that way considering how much money you’ve invested into their services.
      You can try to reply to the support ticket to request an update, that’s the best advice I can offer at this point.

      Good luck!

  14. K1000
    K1000 says:

    I deleted myself as admin and facebook don’t want to add me back.
    I tried your idea but no answer

    • K1000
      K1000 says:

      Please be advised that your Facebook account has been flagged for not following Facebook’s Terms of Service by submitting fraudulent intellectual property reports. Please note that further infringements may result in the termination of your account and your Pages, as well as the removal of all content you have posted.



      • Carter
        Carter says:

        I’m so sorry to hear this happened to you!
        That is not the normal response from Facebook.

  15. Alexandra
    Alexandra says:

    Thank you for the instructions! I have only one question: I got to the second part of the process, which is the Support Inbox. The only thing is that the ticket, even tho it exists in the inbox, doesn’t ask me for any documents. It’s basically empty. Should I wait a couple of days to be given the list of documents I have to prepare or try to make another attempt at this, following the exact same steps?

    • Carter
      Carter says:

      Hey Alexandra,

      Make sure you are logged in to the correct Facebook account. If you are in the wrong one, the ticket will not appear.
      If this is the correct account, and the ticket is marked as “Open”, you can try clearing your cache and refreshing the page. You can also wait a couple of days and see if they reply.

  16. Emily Elrod
    Emily Elrod says:

    I followed all of the steps and after the copyright team forwarded my request, I got a message in my support inbox saying they couldn’t help because they couldn’t verify anyone’s account was compromised, so I should just ask the admin to add me as an admin. I’m about ready to rip my hair out because see, if there was an admin on the page, which I made incredibly clear that there wasn’t…… yeah. They closed the case, but I replied to it saying there’s no admins on the page and I attached a screenshot of the page roles. Do you have any advice moving forward?

    • Carter
      Carter says:

      Hey Emily,

      I’m beginning to feel like so many people have been attempting to replicate my success in this post that, rather than fix their broken system, the Facebook staff have just decided to start ignoring attempts by users to regain access to their pages using this method.

      That said, the fact that the copyright team forwarded your request means you were on the right track. Hopefully, they’ll reopen your case given your reply.

      Good luck!!

    • Jean
      Jean says:

      Hi Emily – I’m experiencing the exact same issue. I’ve replied and am waiting for their response but worried they’ll just ignore me. Did you manage to resolve it? I’d be really grateful if you’d let me know. Thanks!

    RACHEL ELLIS says:

    I followed this to a T and Facebook replied that they couldn’t help. Now the page is down completely, it seems Facebook has deactivated or deleted the page now. Ugh. The page had over 3k likes, im so bummed.

    • Carter
      Carter says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that, Rachel!
      I haven’t heard of Facebook deleting pages for attempting to complete this process.
      Did they offer any recourse?

  18. Ishaq Ahmad
    Ishaq Ahmad says:

    Thank you for Guide
    But Facebook recover my Facebook page but their business manager on my Facebook who remove me again from administration role.

    Please guide me if any way to remove the unauthorised business manager from my Facebook page.
    I am the original creator of my Facebook page.

    • Carter
      Carter says:

      Hey Ishaq,

      If the previous admin is no longer associated with the company, then it is the case of impersonating your business. The process to deal with this is very similar to the one I described in my post. You can report the page for trademark/copyright infringement since it has used your company name, logo and identifiable information, and request the rogue admin be removed.

      Happy Monday!

  19. Reid Anderson
    Reid Anderson says:

    Hello there,

    Just sent off my initial email, thanks for the great post and I’ll keep you updated.

    Wish me luck!

  20. Lila Rose
    Lila Rose says:

    Hey Carter,
    First of all, you’re amazing. Thankyou SO much for your help and for responding to all these comments!!!

    I made it to the part where facebook sent me an email into my inbox saying
    “You Reported an Issue Accessing a Page” but it’s strange, I’m not actually able to open it. Do you remember if it was a click form reply message, or can I just go ahead and reply with all of the items you mentioned we will need to send. Tough to know, not being able to open that message!


    • Carter
      Carter says:

      Hey Lila,
      I’m glad to help in any way I can!

      It is very strange that you can’t open the message. Perhaps you should try logging out of your account, clearing your cache, and logging back in. That way, if something is cached in your browser preventing the message from loading, it should be gone.
      You could also try logging in on a different device, Facebook is poorly optimized on some devices, and they’re currently implementing a design overhaul which has depreciated some of the features.

      Also, the support inbox is unique to each Facebook account, so make sure you are logged in to the account that the message was sent to, otherwise you will not be able to access it.

      • Lila Rose
        Lila Rose says:

        You’re so rad for answering everyone’s (very frustrating) questions.

        I seem to be at a big of a stand still here with Facebook. Here is what they sent, and they closed my case:

        “Hi Lila,

        Thanks for contacting us. We’ve received your request about the Page ANIIML at /15428109418/. Based on the information provided, we’re unable to take action on your request.

        We understand that you may not know about Page roles, so we encourage you to learn more:

        If you believe that your legal rights are being violated or infringed, learn how to report copyright and trademark issues in the Help Center:

        Keep in mind that when Facebook removes Pages for infringing on someone’s rights, this is typically permanent. If you don’t want the Page to be completely and permanently removed from Facebook, or you aren’t sure whether the reported Page is infringing, please work directly with the admins of the Page to resolve your issue.


        • Carter
          Carter says:

          Thanks for the support, Lila. I appreciate it 🙂

          As for this latest development, that’s pretty disappointing on the part of Facebook.
          Are you still able to reply to the ticket despite it being closed?

          If you can, you can reply with something like: “I would like to request an admin change for my page. I understand that a different team at Facebook might be able to help me with this issue. I would like you to forward my request to that team, I am able to provide all required information. Thank you!”

          If not, you may have to start over. Working with Facebook can be very frustrating, and there’s never a solution that will work for everyone because their current management system is not designed to handle the current magnitude of users.

          Keep in mind, if there are still any accounts on your page with the Admin role, you should attempt to work with the owner(s) of those accounts to get your admin priviliges back. If an admin account was yours but you forgot your password or are otherwise unable to access that account, you should go through the account recovery process.


          • Lila Rose
            Lila Rose says:

            You’re literally the best. Thankyou again!

            I will try again…
            As for the admin, is there a way to see if anyone else is listed as an admin? The page is definitely mine, but because my personal profile was hacked, I needed to start a new one, and now cannot access my fan page (I wish there was a way to log in directly to the fan page- if there was, I would be winning here). Do you know anything about this that I might not?
            Thankyou, friend!

            • Carter
              Carter says:

              Facebook recently added a Page Transparency feature to all pages. If you visit your page and scroll down, you should find a box on the left side titled “Page Transparency”. If you click the link titled See All in this box, you can see how many people are added as page managers under “People Who Manage This Page”.
              It won’t give you names, but it will tell you how many page managers there are and what country or countries they come from.

              If your account was hacked, I recommend going through the Account Recovery process. If your account was made using your legal name, it shouldn’t be too difficult to recover as Facebook will restore access if you provide them with a photo of your government issued ID.

              • Lila Rose
                Lila Rose says:

                Sadly the hack was SO bad that the message when I try to send my ID (with my legal name, which IS the name on the account) is:
                “your account has been deactivated and this cannot be reversed”.

                It’s SO crazy to be hacked and literally have no support to be able to regain access!!! You’re super rad for helping.

  21. Zinni
    Zinni says:

    Hello, Thanks for the tips and I followed your way exactly. A few days later, the facebook team replied me that they added me as an admin on the requested page but I am still just an editor. So I explained the condition and asked for more help to facebook team but nothing happened. Could you or anyone here help me with any suggestion, please?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Carter
      Carter says:

      Hey Zinni,

      It sounds like you did everything right! They should have added you as an admin, it’s very strange that you haven’t been.
      Did you ask them to check whether they gave the admin rights to the correct account? They may have promoted the wrong user.


    ABDUL SAMAD says:

    These are the problems I faced.

    My two pages

    I started these two pages and I was the owner and administrator of these pages. But I have lost my admin access and page ownership on both these pages.

    I made it as part of my business needs and a lot of my work is behind these. So I need help getting my pages back.

    When I look at this page ( the other day it shows the name of an unfamiliar business owner in place of the page owner. I will attach a screenshot of this.

    The third is my other page was lost but another colleague of mine was the admin so I was able to regain the admin position on this page. The owner of this page is the same business account as the other hacked pages. Also when I took a look at the “Page Management History” of this page I saw that since June 7, 2020, the ownership of the Unknown Business Owners page has been claimed. One of these ownerships is claimed by the same business owner mentioned earlier (Business Manager ID: 00000000000000000 (X1X101)) and the other by the business manager XX86.

    The admin position and page ownership of these lost pages must be restored. I request you to help me with that.

    My pages were hacked by these Business Manager accounts Business Manager ID: 00000000000000000 (X1X101) and XX86 (number not available). These are strangers.

    Looking forward to your help.

    (Note: Page URLs and Business manager IDs are the only examples)

    • Carter
      Carter says:

      Hey Abdul,

      It sounds like you have a real case of infringement on your intellectual property rights. Have you tried following the steps I described in this post? You should include the information you posted here, especially the part about an unknown party taking control of your page. This is an issue that Facebook should be able to address with seriousness.

      I’m not affiliated in any way with Facebook, this post is just describing the methods I have used in the past and which worked for me. I don’t actually have much experience with Facebook support beyond what is laid out in the post above.

      Hopefully there is information there that can help you get your page back!

  23. Veronika
    Veronika says:

    Hello! I did all the steps and didn’t worked, ughh. Facebook said we are unable to take request. Why?

    • Carter
      Carter says:

      Hey Veronika,
      Do you have the specific message they sent you?
      If you could paste what they said here, there might be additional context that can help us figure out what steps you need to take next.


      • Veronika
        Veronika says:

        Hello, Carter!

        They send me this : Hi Veronika,

        Thanks for contacting us. We’ve received your request about the Page Madnillaz at /803851889684876/. Based on the information provided, we’re unable to take action on your request.

        We understand that you may not know about Page roles, so we encourage you to learn more:

        If you believe that your legal rights are being violated or infringed, learn how to report copyright and trademark issues in the Help Center:

        Keep in mind that when Facebook removes Pages for infringing on someone’s rights, this is typically permanent. If you don’t want the Page to be completely and permanently removed from Facebook, or you aren’t sure whether the reported Page is infringing, please work directly with the admins of the Page to resolve your issue.

        • Carter
          Carter says:

          If there is a way to reply to this message, you can attempt to clarify your issue, something like:
          “The page in question has no active admin accounts, so I am unable to resolve my issue without the intervention of Facebook staff. I would like to proceed with a request to add or change the Admins of the page above. Can you please put me in contact with the Facebook Pages team?”

          • Carter
            Carter says:

            That’s really weird!
            This process seems to work for some people but not others, and there’s no real reason for it. Facebook is just flawed in many regards, and this is definitely one of them.
            Unfortunately, you may just have to make a new page if they are going to be uncooperative.

          • Veronika
            Veronika says:

            Ughh, that’s really bad. How I can delete this page by own? Thank u for your timing

    • Veronika
      Veronika says:

      I will try more to get Facebook page back. In my account was hacked 1,5 ago and then I lost my page admin roles. But funny thing, that I have access only via Instagram.

  24. Simone
    Simone says:

    Thank you so much Carter for this step by step process. I have been trying to regain access for over a month for my business page (many hours searching online with no luck). Followed this to the T and got it back today.
    Truly appreciate it!!
    Thank you, Simone

    • Carter
      Carter says:

      Hey Simone,
      I’m so glad to hear it! Comments like these are why I love doing what I do.
      I hope you have an awesome day!

  25. M. L. Stark
    M. L. Stark says:

    Best thing ever happened to me after I had lost my Admin rights to my “Page” in a time where I was posting adds. Puff… suddenly the “Page” disappeared from my account. PANIC! HORROR!
    What to do?

    After many days of panic, stress and hours of search on the internet of how to recover my “Page”, I got desperate. Nothing could help me and no one answered on Facebook to help me. Then I found this advice.

    I went for this solution and after a few days, I got my “page” back again. Thank you so much, it truly worked.
    Kind regards
    M. l. Stark

  26. Krystal
    Krystal says:

    This got my business page BACK. After Facebook sent the “we’re unclear” email, I replied as you advised and the message that followed in my support inbox had links to her admin access back! I’m grateful for your guidelines.

  27. Victor Mattison
    Victor Mattison says:

    Carter, great article. We’re trying it and hope it works. Unfortunately, we don’t have control of the site or access to any of the admin functions. Will the responses to the Support Inbox come to my personal FB account (which I rarely use) or the person to which we want Admin rights restored? if it goes to the account which we’re trying to get back we will not be able to access it.

    • Carter
      Carter says:

      Hey Victor,

      The first response should come to your email address, then to your support inbox once you’ve confirmed with them. The responses after that will be sent to the account belonging to the person making the request, in this case that should be you. Just log in to your personal Facebook account and check, you should recieve a support ticket within a day or so.


    • Timothy Lumbatis
      Timothy Lumbatis says:

      Even after following all the steps to the end, Facebook has closed the Issue Accessing Page case that was opened without resolving the issue and without a reply to explain why it was closed. Any insight?

      • Carter
        Carter says:

        Unfortunately, Facebook is well-known for being fickle and providing very poor service. Sometimes you can follow their rules to a T and they’ll just decide not to help you. It could be a mistake on the end of the person assigned to your case, so you could try again and see if you can get a different result.

        I wish I could do more to help but there’s only so far that any advice can go in dealing with a flawed system :/

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