How to be Awesome Online [workshop] – July 18, 2013

How to be awesome online - social media marketing workshop

On July 18 in Regina, we hosted the How to be Awesome Online workshop. A morning of not only learning from the best, but meeting, tweeting, talking and asking questions to a panel of four expert minds on marketing and social media. It was like the world series of Regina’s Twitteratti.

The quotes that were playing throughout the morning:

3 hours
4 Presenters/Panelists
52 different local organizations represented
93 attendees
215 cookies eaten
319 cups of coffee drank

Here are some Tweets from the event:

Mitch Gallant from Capital Ford said he’d leave you folks some freebies, here they are:


Here’s Mitch Gallant’s presentation from the workshop:


Here’s Kaeli Decelles’ presentation from the workshop:

Here’s my presentation from the beginning of the workshop:

A picture found on Instagram of the Strategy Lab stickers we were giving away.
instagram picture of the sticker


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