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How The Golden Rule Applies To Your Social Media Strategy // eps 45 #InTheLab

How The Golden Rule Applies To Your Social Media Strategy

Common sense is not so common when it comes to social media. “Businesses act too much like businesses online” – Conrad Hewitt

Conrad shares with us why he thinks a lot of companies get it wrong with it comes to social media and their online marketing presence. Running accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram he sees it all right now and from the sounds of it he’s not happy! It’s easy to sound professional and to echo “business jargon”, it’s hard to create a personality that people come to like and trust.

It’s hard to argue against developing a personality online with so many local examples (@ReginaPolice, @KiltedBroker, @Eric_Dillon@BradWall, @Nenshi). All these folks don’t exactly “follow the rules” when it comes to social and their fans absolutely adore it. Don’t take yourself (or your business) to seriously online.

With the amount of options we all have to buy what you are selling from someone else, you have to figure out a way to cut through the clutter. Being different is now the safest thing your brand can be.

I wish your pictures on Instagram were more business like

Why do businesses have to act like businesses online?

Most likely because the person running the account either “doesn’t want to get in trouble” or the organization has a “communications policy” which most likely states that all online communication be approved by __________ in the company. Ensuring nothing amazing EVER gets shared from their online accounts.

“Business communication” is using big words to make you sound more important. All the synergy, innovation, striving for excellence and competitive strategy won’t get you very far in the social media world.

Another meaningless buzzword

The Golden Rule applies in life, Business AND Social Media. Treat people online the way you want to be treated. That’s the difficult part, you have to reach out and connect with other people and organizations before you can expect them to reach out and connect with you.

But it doesn’t work! You can’t get business from social media! Don’t blame the medium when all you’ve been doing is shouting at your audience this whole time.

How does a non-profit fundraise online? (Knowing you can’t ask for their support) 

Build trust, engage, build a relationship, reach out, connect with people. No one wants to support a cause that doesn’t directly affect them in some way. Stop waiting fot someone to reach out to you, start helping people online.

“People do business with people they know, like, and trust.”

“People don’t care about businesses that don’t care about them.”

-The Kilted Broker

People don't care about businesses that don't care about them

Gain trust first then people will willingly want to help you and your cause. But no one blindly helps a cause just because they saw an ad, watched a video or liked a photo on Instagram. It’s much more than that, you have to show you have some interest in what they are doing. It’s hard to automate engagement, that’s what’s it’s an easy way to tell if a company or brand gets social. Do they treat it like a traditional form of marketing? Or do they treat like a whole new way to have a two way conversation about the product or service they’re offering.

It’s no longer the 4 P’s, it’s now the 4 C’s – Community, Caring, Content, Context

Community – Who’s your community? Who are you connecting with regularly?

Caring – What’s your Caring strategy? Who’s going to miss you when you’re going?

Content – What type of content are you creating? Are you teaching? Are you entertaining? Are you solving a problem?

Context – What is context of your communication? What’s your end goal? Are you connecting for a purpose or just making noise?

What are your 4 C’s?

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