How not to get Google Reviews

How NOT To Get Google Reviews For Your Business

“We gave you a Google review, can you give us one?” -😳😩🤮

Recently a local company gave one of our clients a 5 star review on Google. I have access to their google business page so I see the reviews as they happen. A few days later I saw one of the owners and remarked how awesome a review from them was!

It wasn’t a review. It was bait. Like a bone to a dog, it was bait in a Google reviews lying scheme.

I thought this practice was done. In 2011 a Realtor sent me a LinkedIn recommendation that was half assed and immediately asked me for one in return. I felt so used, so dirty. Was that how the business community operates!? I thought to myself, because what a shitty thing it was to do to someone. 

That’s not how the business community operates. 

That’s how sleazy, lazy people try to artificially inflate their value online. The sad part is, they will always know which reviews are fake. They will know that reviews that were left in reciprocation for a review aren’t real. And by now you should know the adverse psychological affects to your brain when you’re “faking it”. How could you go to sleep at night knowing you do that? 

Anyway, I laugh out loud when they tell me the story. Because how many people do they try this with, where the company refuses to leave a reciprocating review and they take theirs down? This creates a word-of-mouth moment to share with any and all who will listen. And humans love to tell the story of how people are trying to so something dishonestly. 

Don’t try to get fake reviews from people. You’ll end up with less reviews AND other people outside your network will begin to trust you less.

Here are some of my favourite places and the Google reviews they’ve received. If you want amazing Google Reviews you must do something amazing!   

The wonderful Glitch Gifts in Saskatoon


The amazing Dessarts Sweets in Regina
The Magic Castle Hotel in LARed Fish Blue Fish in Victoria
The amazing Floyd's diner in Victoria home of the MAHONEY