How do I come up for ________ in Google search?

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Coming up in Google for phrases your ideal customers are searching for is one of the most important tactics within your marketing strategy.

Think about how customers will find you in the future. Will they go directly to your website? Will they be searching on Facebook? Will they just ask their friends? Will they simply just ask their friends on Twitter? Will they look you up in the phone book? Will they see your coupon in the mail and go to your store and buy?

How people will find your company in the future is a great place to start. As you can imagine, it’s ridiculously hard to rank in Google for many different search terms and it’s not getting any easier.

You need a Google strategy. You need to understand how your website comes up in search so you can start doing things today that are going to help you in two years time. At strategy lab we’re now working with an SEO expert. When you think you know a lot about how to rank in Google I’d suggest talking to an SEO expert. This guy will blow your mind.

If you want to get started on it yourself (or if you want to send something to your boss) we recently updated the helpful resources page with a 21 questions framework to start you thinking about your search engine strategy.

Find it here –> 21 Questions on your search engine (Google) strategy

If you want to know more about Google, here’s a video of Matt Cutts from Google explaining how a search engine works.

How search works