Google Analytics 101: A Capital Ford & Strategy Lab Production

Google Analytics 101: a Capital Cares Production

On October 10th, 2013 in Regina we’re hosting a Google Analytics workshop with Capital Ford Lincoln in the Capital boardroom. We’re discussing measurement for non-profits; how to use your website to measure your marketing efforts.

When: October 10, 2013 @ 10am sharp!

Where: Capital Ford Lincoln boardroom, high a top the dealership.

Who: 15 of Regina’s brightest non-profit marketers

Cost: Free for non-profit ($499+tax for companies)

How do I sign up? We only have a couple spots left for the October 10th workshop. Quickly e-mail: JephMaystruck(at)gmail(dot)com or Tweet me @jephmaystruck

Is this for me? Have you ever asked:

How many people visit our website? (and how long do they stay on there for and how many pages do they visit?)

How do we measure what’s working or not working on my website? 

How do people find my website?

How do we know which pages most people go to on our website?

Is our traffic going up or down over the past six months?

Are people Googling terms to find us?  If so, what terms?

We’re going to answer all of these and more on October 10th in Regina, Saskatchewan.

We’re almost full for this workshop but will be offering more in the future. If you are a non-profit and would like help measuring your marketing efforts using your website let us know in the comments below or contact us here.


To download the Google Analytic dashboard click below:

The basic SL dashboard – Shows the top 10 traffic sources, top 10 organic keyword searches, desktop/mobile/tablet breakdown, top 10 most visited pages.

The advanced SL dashboard – Shows the top 10 referrals, the top 10 social network referrals, visits by country of origin, new vs returning, the top 10 exit pages, and average page load time.

The unbranded keyword search dashboard in Google Analytics – Once you edit the report and input your own branded keywords, this report tells you how many people are searching for something other than your name brand. Or the people who don’t necessarily know about you yet and could just as easily land on your competitors website.

The branded keyword search dashboard in Google Analytics – Once you edit the report to represent your brand name you can measure how many people are actually search for your brand. A good indicator as to how strong of an offline brand you have. Many companies use this to measure offline advertising, correlating advertising blitzes with spikes in search and direct traffic.

The Capital Ford Branded and Unbranded keyword dashboard in Google Analytics. Now for this one you’ll have to edit the filter in each column to whatever keywords you’re focusing on.


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