Business Stock Photography, download or DIE!!!

FREE Downloadable Business Stock Photography Vol 2

“Didn’t we bet you couldn’t go a week without wearing suspenders?”


you need to be better at work-stratlab stock photos

Stock photography is cluttered with people wearing things that no one in their right mind would ever wear to the office. The ol Jean and suspenders combination? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

“Look me in the eye when you’re shaking my hand!”

look me in the eye when you're shaking my hand-stratlab stock photo download

If we put a hand shake moment on our website they’re going to think we get down to business, because WE GET DOWN TO BUSINESS!!!” This moment has most likely NEVER happened in your office ever. Just imagine the person who first said, “hey Tommy Boy, can you get a picture of us shaking hands like so?” Makes no sense at all.

“Quick, FLYING VEEEE!!!”

smile thats all we got-stratlab stock photos

We’ve seen thousands of these! The “team” all stand in “formation”. What in the hell is that all about?!? You’d never stand like that in the office or at work, ever. EVER!

“Simultaneously agreeing on something and spilling your coffee at the same time!”

Look at the roof and laugh with me-stratlab stock photos

Again a free downloadable stock photograph makes no apparent sense. And what’s with the suspenders?! It’s like people in stock photos forgot they had photos at the office that day, went into their tickle trunk, as a joke wore suspenders. Arrives at work to remember it’s free downloadable stock photography day!!

There’s no possible way a conversation around the water cooler is THAT interesting. Get back to work!

You don't say water cooler talk-stratlab stock photos

The reality in 2016 is that very few people stand around the water cooler to “talk” its more so to get water and well, that’s really it. Of course your website should have some pictures of your staff “talking” around the water cooler. Good thinking!!

Did you say water cooler talk business photography? We have you covered!

Worlds greatest mom-stratlab stock photos

Now this is something only incredibly talented people do, the “no look” powdered creamer pour? Yeah that could be on your website. Download it FREE today.

Look me in the eyes and tell you me you like short sleeve business attire!

I think a farted-downloadable stock photos

How good does Eddy look here?! Bad ASS!

If you want to liven up your website, hows about this stock photo. The “we’re professional but we like to part” pose.

Are we rapping yes we are-stratlab stock photos

Thumbs up if you like Stock Photography!!

thumbs up if you like fun-stratlab stock photos downloadable

Again, one of the photos you’d never see people doing in real life.

“I went a little overboard with my eyes in the last photo didn’t I.”

I don't believe you at all-stratlab stock photos download

Oh I went in to shake your hand but you gave me a cup of coffee, cool!

The awkward coffee grab:handshake-stratlab stock photos

Wait what? Why are you pouring that on me?

I'm dumping coffee on you whether you like it or not

You’re really going to do that aren’t you.

Dude you spilled coffee on my-stratlab stock photos

Hey WTF Bro?! Why in the hell would someone ever have a stock image of coffee spilling all over a white shirt?!? It’s a crime against the laundry gods!!

Why did you shit on my chest-stratlab stock photo

Forget the stock photos, why not take your own photos of your team?

This is from a website we just launched, Normanview Dental in Regina.

Normanview Dental Regina-Welcome to Normanview Dental

Photos of your staff build trust, showcase your best asset, and allows potential customers to meet you before the meet you. Think about it. 😉

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