Extreme Trust: Honesty As A Competitive Advantage [11 Quotes]

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Don Peppers and Martha Rogers get it. They’ve been around the business world long enough to know what’s important to business. I like their approach to the internet and social media. You can’t stop it so you may as well try to understand it better and ensure you’re as transparent as possible.


Every company is going to have to assess what they can give away to delight their customers in the the short term to create more value in the long term.

I enjoy talking about the customer of the future. What he/she will be interested in, why she/he will buy, what attributes will be important to them, how their decisions are swayed, what information will be available to them, and when they will make purchase decisions.

A lot is changing. With absolute access to ubiquitous information companies are held to a higher standard. You can’t afford to have a slip up.

Extreme Trust Quotes bundle of cash with a memory

When you’re trying to motivate employees be sure to give them the tools they need to perfect their trade. Having the ability to improve their talents over time makes for loyal employees.


Be careful when people try to predict the future.

Extreme Trust Quotes - Experts predicting the direction of interest rates

You can’t afford a bad review.

Extreme Trust Quotes - the survey's tell us

The transparency business is experiencing right now will end up being a net-benefit to the good companies in the end.

Extreme Trust Quotes transparency increases the cost of hiding the truth

If you put on the facade that you’re always right, never make mistakes, perfect in every aspect, we don’t trust you. The same goes for online reviews, if they’re too good we’re not going to believe you. Extreme-Trust-Quotes-why-would-we-ever-trust-themTransparency is like disinfectant in a wound. At first it’s going to sting like hell, but you need to purge the bad before your body heals. The same goes for your company, transparency might sting at first, but if you actually care, if you’re a good company, you’re going to win in the long run.

Extreme Trust Quotes - Transparency the most disruptive innovation to come out of social media

If you don’t know where you’re going, if you don’t have a purpose, it doesn’t matter how good the past was or how much you know, without a vision you’re not going to get anywhere.

Extreme Trust Quotes - When your headlights aren’t on the best rearview mirrir isn't likely to improve your driving.

You really don’t have a choice anymore…



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