don't confuse convenience with loyalty

Don’t Confuse Convenience With Loyalty

We had a customer work with us for several years then one day they informed us they hired someone else. I don’t fault them, we weren’t over delivering anymore and it was time for a change. The only surprise was some members on our team couldn’t believe it and it upset them for obvious reasons. We never like seeing someone leave us for someone else, but hey, lot of good companies out there.

Looking back now it shouldn’t have been upsetting at all. We should have seen it coming. They had an office right by the company and they saw them at events regularly. The choice was much more convenient than working with us. 

If all you do is “your job” someone eventually do it better than you. Maybe no yet, but soon. If you want to build loyalty you must do the things others don’t do or can’t do. The intangibles.

When someone says “oh you go to Safeway, you must love Safeway!” No I don’t and I don’t think you love your grocery store either. I do love seeing my friend Eli there and talking to him but that’s the extent of my loyalty. Safeway is convenient, that’s all. This is how we view a lot of things we spend money on. We aren’t very loyal, we’re more opportunists, cows in an endless pasture looking for greener grass.

Recently I’ve been cheating on Safeway. My daughter in the race car below loves to go to Save-on-Foods because she gets to drive a race car.

Sometimes people change their shopping patterns out of convenience. Sometimes people change their shopping patterns because of a better value proposition. 

What reason are you giving your customers to keep coming back?

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