Disagree and Commit

Disagree and Commit

best and worst corporate christmas gifts
don't take the credit

Don’t Take The Credit

Awards are overrated! I received an email "sorry to bother,…
be weird be awesome be loved

One of The Most Remarkable Non-Profit Organizations in the World

"Be weird. Be awesome. Be loved!" This was the latest sticker…
Why You Won't See Any Blouses or Ties at the Stratlab Office

Dress Code? Nah. Why You Won’t See Any Blouses or Ties at the Stratlab Office 

In Ricardo Semler's Maverick he tells the story about the first…
what are you looking for a job a career or a calling

What Are You Looking For; a Job, Career or a Calling?

From John Mackey's Conscious Capitalism he sums up what the…
What's the best thing I can do for you

The Best Thing I Can Do For You….

....is to give you my recommendation. It's not to pay you, it's…

The Best Resume Ever

"You can either fit in or stand out but you can't do both."…
hr sucks and what to do about it

Why HR Sucks & What To Do About It

Why HR Sucks & What To Do About It  Presented at the…
The importance of accepting anothers point of view

The Importance of Accepting Another Person’s Point of View // eps 51 #inthelab

"I now appreciate public transit." -Conrad Hewitt, 2016 Trying…
Stock Photos are the worst

FREE Downloadable Professional Business Stock Photos

1. The "It smells like success in here!" "Nah, it's just COFFEE!"…

Time to Rethink your HR Strategy

Recently we've launched a new initiative called 4to40, in which…