By The Way You Are Awesome

By The Way I Think You Are Awesome | Edgar Alan Poems Vol 4

By The Way I Think You Are Awesome

By the way I think you are awesome, I hope you know this is true,
Sometimes I don’t say it enough, but I hope you know I do.

Life can be busy and we forget to tell people they matter.
Life can also be very short so you had better get atter!

When you honestly appreciate someone else’s ora,
You try to figure out ways to hang out with them mora!

You have this superpower that everyone will love you for,
You may not know what it is yet but something big is in store.

You see you’re special in about a million different ways,
your nose, toes, dimples and pimples, heck even your gaze!

When you were young no one told you that you were going to be a superhero,
more like “hey look at this kid, he’s a REAL zero!”

You’re getting off track this is my poem about you being amazingly great!
Forget the negative and focus on the positive like those delicious chocolate mints, After eight?

You just don’t realize how amazing you truly are!
Brighter than the Sun and sweeter than a chocolate bar.

You just don't realize how amazing you truly are

You’re ridiculously good looking you could have been in Zoolander!
The world hasn’t seen anyone this good-looking since that guy that played Highlander!

I love your eyes, your nose is pretty sweet too,
if I could take only one thing to a deserted island, I’d take you.

I love your eyes, your nose is pretty sweet too

Your smile could melt a diamond, your ears are better than Spoks.
People would travel half way around the world to hear one of your Ted Talks.

Oh you have a moustache? Your face is incredibly majestic,
a question I must ask, do you get hit on a lot when you fly domestic?

So smile and strut a little as you walk today, you’re pretty freakin’ awesome.
You remind me of that girl in that TV show from the 90’s, you know, Blossom?

You're ridiculously good looking you could have been in Zoolander-strategy lab

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