Between Two Sequoias w/ Braedon McLeod || Eps 25 #BetweenTwoSequoias

Braedon from Strategy LabI met Braedon back when he was in highschool and still full of piss and vinegar. I was the assistant coach of the Senior Boys at Winston Knoll and there was this young spitfire of a Volleyball player that looked at the world through a different lens. He was a little shit disturber, didn’t like authority but would compete no matter what. He was a competitor. We didn’t see eye to eye at first, but slowly I began to understand where this young fellow came from.

Fast forward a couple years and out of the blue I get him to start coaching with me. At this point still full of piss and vinegar. He was the assistant to my first team I ever coached on my own. What an experience!

The next year Braedon was working at several different jobs and helping Strategy Lab on the side a bit. Nothing major just some help here and there. He wasn’t afraid to tell us what he didn’t like about his past jobs. Understanding he was one of the pickiest people I’ve ever met we slowly began to do more and more work together.

He’s a quick learner but more important a creative thinker. In the future we don’t need people to calculate a formula in their head faster than before, we need them to be more creative in how they approach problems. I believe Braedon has this trait, he always looks for a better, more creative way to do whatever it is you’re trying to do.

Yup, you guessed it, he’s still full of piss and vinegar but it’s precious vinegar made from the nectar of the gods. If you’ve never met Braedon you should, as you can tell from the video he’s not afraid to have a good time!

To sum up what Braedon has taught me:

1. Volunteering will get you a better job.

2. Do the things that matter, not the things that just look good on a resume.

3. Everything can be made better, even if it’s just a little bit.

Braedon between two sequioas