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Best Business & Marketing Quotes of 2012

As the years winds down I wanted to sum up some of the best quotes for your reading and downloading pleasure. Here’s a list of quotes and blogs full of quotes.

Here’s a downloadable wallpaper of quotes from current famous entrepreneurs:

Famous Business Quotes desktop Background/wallpaper

Download this free wallpaper of Seth Godin quotes.

Seth Godin Quotes

Download this free wallpaper of quotes from Julien Smith (my current background image).

Julien Smith quotes - wallpaper

27 Quotes from Julien Smith (Co-author of Trust Agents and The Impact Equation).

Julien Smith is by far the best guy to get on a podcast.  He has a brilliant mind on marketing and he’s not afraid to tell you exactly how he feels.

10 Quotes from Brand Against The Machine

John Morgan wrote Brand Against The Machine, I call it the new marketing textbook because every marketing student needs to read this book before their next marketing job. Here are ten amazing quotes from the book.

The 6 Most Inspiring Quotes Ever

Not what you think. These quotes are more about human progress than anything.  The next time someone tells you something is impossible, remember these quotes…

6 Quotes From Great By Choice

Jim Collins does it again with a brilliantly written Great by Choice. Business concepts taught by using amazing stories you can help but remember. Definitely recommend reading this one.

Have a favourite quote?  Do share in the comments below.

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  1. McB
    McB says:

    Starting the new year off with several new opportunities, I really enjoyed reading through these quotes. Many are quite profound. Thanks


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