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There’s No Such Thing As a Neutral Brand Impression

Every time you come in contact with any brand, company, or organization you either like it a little bit more or like it a little bit less, the feeling is never completely neutral.  The majority of these impressions (feelings) come from your sub-conscious mind, which makes it difficult to understand why you feel the way […]

How To Win Business and Influence People

1.  Smile. Smile a lot. When walking into a boardroom. When meeting someone for the first time. When you’re unsure of yourself. When you need that extra boost of confidence.  Just smile, it’s contagious.  Don’t you love walking into a restaurant and the person at the front door is happier to see you than you […]

17 Search Engine Optimization Resources

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a marketing tactic will continue to grow in importance for any company who’s growing their online presence.  If immediately you say “oooh but Jeph, we live in Regina, Saskatchewan, SEO doesn’t work here!  I’ma git me another bus bench ad!” I truly feel sorry for you, you may leave now. […]

How Do You Choose The Right Twitter Name?

I think people should always use their real name as their name (handle) on Twitter.  You’re scared of privacy are you?  It’s 2012, if someone wanted to stalk you they would, they’re not going to Twitter to search your name sweetheart.  So how do you choose the right Twitter name?   Simple, if you don’t […]

Before You Create Your Next Newsletter, Read This…

Today, every man, women, child, company, not-for-profit organization or any public entity, all have the freedom to create whatever they want and publish it online.  Think about it for a minute. Everyone is a media outlet. Ten years ago, there were too many hurdles to jump through before you could get your own website.  Today, […]

13 Steps To Develop A Generic Marketing Campaign

1.  Don’t be risky, pick something safe to do. 2.  Whatever you do, do not offend anyone. 3.  Make sure everyone around the boardroom table agrees unanimously with the tag-line and marketing tactics. 4.  When you get a complaint stop what you’re doing and conform to whatever the complainant says. 5.  Make sure your campaign […]

Why Would You Need a Marketing Strategy?

Do you actually need a marketing strategy? Unless your product or service is so in demand that business just falls into your pretty little lap, then you probably don’t need a marketing strategy. So to the 90% of businesses that DO need a strategy here’s a framework to help you.   Why First you must understand […]