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9 Websites Brandon Built That Got To The Front Page of Google

@Brandon_wuThe other day going a bunch of websites that Brandon had built a while ago we started noticing something odd. Whenever we would Google the obvious search terms that a website should be ranking for they turned out to not only rank but usually rank within the top 3.

And yes I checked the actually universal search terms not just the Google results on my laptop. Any time you Google something it’s customized based on your past search, location, and activity on Google+. For a true search you must turn off personalization.

Here are some examples:

1. Superior Forklift Regina

When you search “Forklifts in Regina” Superior Forklift just happens to be number one.

Google Search Result for "Forklift in Regina"


2. Newline Boxing in Regina

When you Google “boxing club in Regina” the first result is New line Boxing in Regina.

Boxing Club in Regina

3. Platinum Music Services Regina

When you Google “Djs in Regina” the first result is our friend over at Platinum Music Services.

When you Google Djs in Regina


4. AAA Solid Foundation Regina

When you Google “foundation repair company in Regina” AAA Solid Foundation is the first result in Google. Not to mention they have a video with over !0,000 views on their YouTube channel.

When you Google Foundation repair company in regina

5. LS Security Systems in Regina

When you search “security systems in Regina” low and behold LS Security Systems is the first result on Google.

security Systems in Regina

6. AAA Spray Foam Insulation in Regina

If you were searching for “spray foam insulation Regina” the third result is AAA Spray Foam. Not bad for minimal search engine optimization work.

spray foam insulation regina

7. Wood Ridge Flooring in Regina

When you’re looking for flooring in Regina you’re bound to click on Wood Ridge Flooring’s website. Second on the front page of Google for “flooring in Regina” is great for Wood Ridge’s website traffic.

Google search result for Flooring in Regina

8.  Wasabi Sushi in Regina

When you search “sushi in Regina” Wasabi Sushi is the third, forth and fifth result in Google.

Google search result for Sushi in Regina

9. Northworks

Yup, when you search “website design Regina” fourth on the list is Northworks. The first, second and third results are prominent website companies in Regina and it is an honor to share the front page of Google with such high profile website companies.

Google Results for Website Design Regina