5 Reason Why You Should Support Our U of R Cougars

UofR - cougars logo

1. We support local in Regina. As a rule we (Regina folk) like to support local businesses and organizations in Regina. If you disagree you can go pound salt. It’s always more fulfilling to dine at a local restaurant (Rock Creek, Freehouse, Enso) or local clothing store (Coda Clothing & Shoes, Venice Tailors, Colin O’Brien’s), so why not also support your local sports teams?

2. We’ve picked up a down-and-out team before. We started going to Rider games because it became the cool thing to do to support them. They weren’t good at all back then. We never went for the football; we went for the party. They were anything but a winning team when Mosaic Stadium was dubbed the loudest place to play in the CFL. Together with your help we can make Cougar games a wild crazy party too. Maybe not by wearing watermelons, but we can make something up. Cheese heads? Cougar masks? Horse head mask? (Kidding). God forbid we paint our chests and faces and turn the gym into an NCAA football playoff game.

3. It’ll make them better. It’s difficult to compete in the league being a small University. Attracting some of the top players coming out of high school has to be incredibly difficult when competing with Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon. If the Cougars had a huge fan base it’d be much more attractive to potential athletes to come play at the U of R.

4. Heckling actually works. I used to be a very loyal fan of the Regina Redsox, going to almost every home game (and some playoff games abroad). I can’t claim flat out that heckling the other team wins games but it sure doesn’t hurt. Other teams in the CIS should despise playing at the University of Regina because of the huge crowd they get. With your help we can make this happen.

5. You can’t find better basketball this side of the North Saskatchewan river. Last time I checked we’re smack dab in the middle of the prairies. Miles upon miles away from any professional basketball team. Unless you’re planning a trip to see the Seattle Super Sonics sometime soon you’re not going to experience amazing basketball in person.

If you DO feel inclined to support our dear dear athletes we’re hosting an Alumni Tailgate party sponsored by Coda Clothing & Shoes at the Owl this Friday starting at 5:00. Check out the event on Facebook for more details or ask in the comments below!

UofR Alumni Coda Tailgate party