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3 Lessons in Video Production from The Movie Bigfoot Family

If you haven’t watched this family classic yet, grab the kids and pop some corn, you’re in for a TREAT! My daughter has absolutely loved it, so much so she’s easily watched it Seventy to Eighty. After the Fifteenth round of this lovely little furry family, I realized there’s a great lesson in video editing in the movie. Bigfoot (Adam’s Dad) posts a video trying to garner attention to the oil company that’s drilling in Alaska. Adam takes the video and makes it into a viral masterpiece! 

bigfoot family movie

Here are the three lesson’s learned from The Bigfoot Family Movie and more specifically, Adam’s video production strategy. 

1. Get feedback

Bigfoot’s first video from Alaska, to put it lightly, sucked. Adam took it upon himself to edit the video into a masterpiece. Without feedback or someone else’s eyes on the production, you will on’y take it so far. 

How many revisions do your video projects go through?

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2. Have a vision, say no to things that fall outside of that vision

During the video editing process at one point the Racoon tells Adam to use a star wipe and Adam vehemently refuses! A moment in creative genius we witness! No video editor is going to take 100% of the feedback given. You need to have a goal for the end product you’re creating and anything outside of that goal needs to be discarded like a holy sock. Know when to push back on others feedback that doesn’t align with your overall vision.

What do you say no to when someone asks? In past projects what have you said no to?

bigfoot family movie-lessons in video production



3. Ask for promotion

Once the video is posted, Adam calls Emma to ask her to share the video with her Soccer team. WHAT?! Have you ever done that? Posted a video then CALLED someone who knows a lot of people and asked them to share it? I know I haven’t and that’s a good reason why I’ve never had a video go viral. Asking for people to share it isn’t a bad thing, it shows you care more people hear a message. Find an audience that believes in what you’re doing and ask them to share it.

When’s the last time you asked someone on the phone or in person to share something of yours?

Three simple things to think about for your next video development production.

Get feedback.

Have a vision.

Promote in a unique manner.


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