20 of the Most Difficult “Regina” Keyword Searches in Google [Top 10 Google SERP included]

Google logoYour search results are wrong. Well not exactly, but kind of. Google personalizes your search results based on your search history and location. To get a true look at the top search results in Google you have to turn off your cookies or use a service like Moz (the company we use).

Before we get into the 20 top Regina keyword searches we need to define a few terms for you.

Domain Authority

From Moz (formerly known as SEO Moz):Domain Authority represents Moz’s best prediction for how a website will perform in search engine rankings.”

  • Based on 40 different signals Moz measures, including linking root domains, number of total links, MozRank, MozTrust, etc.
  • It’s a logarithmic scale so going from 10 to 20 is significantly easier than going from 60 to 70.
  • It’s a relative measurement for predicting Google search results. It’s better to compare Domain Authority to other websites than simply using it to track a single websites’ success.

Page Authority

From Moz:Page Authority is Moz’s calculated metric for how well a given webpage is likely to rank in Google.com’s search results.”

  • Based on 100 measured variables Moz tracks
  • Also a logarithmic scale, going from 10 to 20 will be easier than going from 50 to 60.
  • Page Authority differs from Domain authority as the former measures how well a single page will rank in Google and the later predicts the overall performance of your website in Google.

External Linking Domains

External Linking Domain are hyperlinks on websites pointing back towards your website.

  • Top SEOs believe that external links are the most important source of Google ranking power.
  • Links to your website act as votes to search engines. The more votes you get, the more valuable your website appears to Google

Here are 20 of the most difficult “Regina” keywords to rank for in Google. It’s interesting to compare these keywords to the same for Vancouver, San Francisco and Palo Alto. It’s obviously not as difficult to rank here in Regina, but looking at other centres to see what the future of search engine optimization holds is always a good idea.


Search Engine Results Page


20. Apartment Regina


19. Dentists Regina


18. Mortgage Broker Regina


17. Hair Salon Regina


16. Furniture Regina

Google Keyword Search for Furniture Regina

15. Used Cars Regina

Google Keyword Search - Used Cars Regina

14. Photographer Regina

Google Keyword Search - Photography Regina

13. Car Dealerships Regina

Google Keyword Search - Car Dealerships Regina

12. Real Estate Regina

Google Keyword Search - Real Estate Regina

11. Spa Regina

Google Keyword Search Spa Regina

10. Condos Regina

Google Keyword Search-Condos Regina

9. Houses Regina


8. Home For Sale Regina


7. Auto Insurance Regina


6. Life Insurance Regina

Google Keyword Search - Life Insurance Regina

5. Lawyer Regina

Google Keyword Search - Lawyer Regina

4. Pizza Regina


3. Website Design Regina


2. Doctor Regina


1. Hotels Regina


Top 20 Most Difficult Searches in Regina [chart].



Here’s the data set of the average Domain and Page Authority’s as well as average link root domains.


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  1. jephmaystruck
    jephmaystruck says:

    Haha! There I go thinking you’re trying to start an argument on here, 😉 Leave that for the agency blogs, ha!

    You’re right, I might be a bit off on how much we should be paying attention to SEO but I guess we’ll find out soon enough right?! Thanks for the banter back and forth, makes for a more valuable post. Someone has to call my bullshit, right?

    Cheers my friend,


  2. Mike Klein
    Mike Klein says:


    I’m not really trying to make an ‘argument’. Rather, I’m just trying to provide comment on your article based on my experience. And in this case I’ve found that time and money spent on SEO is better directed to other marketing activities. Of course, I’m not saying ‘ignore SEO completely’, nor am I stating that companies shouldn’t consider hiring consultants to help them with their SEO. 🙂

    But, when you say ‘I’m not that smart, I don’t know how to make “a large percentage of people know my name and directly search for me”’ I call bullshit 🙂 You’re easily one of the most well-known Regina-based marketing consultants. And you got there by being a killer speaker, remarkable consultant and twitter aficionado. None of which had anything to do with search 🙂


  3. jephmaystruck
    jephmaystruck says:

    You would be bearish, you’re a marketing consultant. It’s not going to help you as much as it’s going to help a car dealer, insurance broker, roofing company, Yoga Studio, Natural Path, etc. SEO only gets your website found, it doesn’t convert for you, especially if it’s an expensive decision as in hiring a marketing consultant. SEO can’t help everyone.

    You are correct on what you described as word-of-mouth. That’s the best type of marketing, and it sounds like you’re pretty darn good at it too. If you are amazing you won’t need SEO as a tactic in your tool belt, unless you want to….

    For other business though SEO is a great investment. Compared to social it’s much better, I wrote about it here: https://strategylab.ca/whats-better-website-traffic-search-engine-traffic-or-social-media-traffic/ Search isn’t going anywhere but up. Social is difficult to predict and completely based on personality type.

    You said ” I mean which would you prefer? a. Showing up first on a broad search for ‘Regina X’, or, b. Having a large percentage of people already knowing your name and directly searching for you or typing in your URL?”

    What kind of idiot would take the first one? Mike you’re making a bad argument, of course everyone wants to be known city wide. If that’s the monopoly you have on Saskatoon congrats. I’m not that smart, I don’t know how to make “a large percentage of people know my name and directly search for me”, but I do have an idea for how to get to the top for the search term Marketing Regina.

    For now I’m bullish on SEO, it’s easy to measure, I can tie it to the bottom line and it’s difficult (that’s the best part). It’s also probably because for some odd reason the rankings for Saskatoon are much, much less competitive than Regina. Weird.

    Happy Friday Mike, go have a beer.


  4. Mike Klein
    Mike Klein says:

    Interestingly, I’m a little bearish on SEO lately. Last year I went on a big SEO kick for my business and moved it from not ranking to the top 3 spots for the search terms I was targeting. It took me a fairly deliberate on-page effort, along with about 30-40 business-related blog posts and articles. But you know what the net result was? 4 or 5 really poor quality leads. I mean really, really poor quality leads.

    Conversely the best leads I get are from people who already know of me, or heard about me from a friend. Those almost always lead to more business.

    Don’t get me wrong, I understand how it’s important for businesses to rank well. But, before spending money or time on SEO I would suggest that most companies get their brand house in order first and ensure they are doing a good job of getting their name out there. I mean which would you prefer? a. Showing up first on a broad search for ‘Regina X’, or, b. Having a large percentage of people already knowing your name and directly searching for you or typing in your URL? For me, I’m starting to choose the later.



  5. Mike Klein
    Mike Klein says:

    Jeph, My point wasn’t that these were the definitely ‘most difficult’ it was that any Regina company, in any of the industries present, has the potential to rank well on these terms. And, their ability to rank well has more to do with the fact that their competitors aren’t likely actively looking at their SEO. In simplistic terms, it could be as simple as using ‘Regina X (plumber, mortgage broker etc) on their website as a start.

    Or in short, they can do well…because their competitor’s aren’t.


  6. jephmaystruck
    jephmaystruck says:

    Thanks for reading Mike!

    I hate to play semantics but that’s why I titled it “20 of the most Difficult” not “20 Most Difficult”. These definitely aren’t the most difficult. Honestly, I picked twenty of the most interesting keywords from the list of 101 Regina keywords I ran earlier in the week.

    Sorry to get your hopes up.


  7. Mike Klein
    Mike Klein says:

    Thanks for the data; it’s interesting to look at it from this broad perspective. However, I wouldn’t necessarily call these the ‘most difficult searches’ in terms of how hard it would be for a company to capture first page results for each term. With just a little work most companies could likely move their way onto the list, as I would bet many companies in the Regina area (and beyond) aren’t actively engaged in SEO.

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