Think You Suck At Writing? 15 Articles To Help You Become A Better Blogger

Think You Suck At Writing? 15 Articles To Help You Become A Better Blogger

Though Saskatchewan and Regina may not be the blogging mecca we all predicted it would be, there are still many talented writers here (and many more in the making).  As an organization or individual, if you wish to grow your brand online whatsoever, Creating content is inevitable, you may as well start sooner than later.

If you take writing seriously you’re always looking for ways to get better.  The more you read, the better understanding you have of what makes a great blog and what doesn’t.  Below are some of the best posts on writing and blogging I’ve stumbled upon.  If YOU have some great articles on writing you’ve come across, don’t be afraid to leave a link in the comment below.


1.  Copyblogger is like the Wayne Gretzky of blogging, here’s a great 5 step formula:  The Simple 5-Step Formula for Effective Online Content

2.  Another from Copyblogger, this one is a lot of little ideas that may help you.  73 Ways to Become a Better Writer

3. From Mitch Joel, a piece of what a blog actually should be.  He’s from Canada, he’s smart, read it.  What Is A Blog? The Question That Won’t Go Away

4.  For any writer trying to improve his or her writing needs to read this.  You’d be silly not to.  The Two Most Import Words in Blogging

5.  Ira Glass On Creativity (or, The Gap Between Our Taste And Our Work…) – Ira Glass hosts one of my favorite Podcasts, This American Life, he’s a brilliant story teller.  One of the best of our time.  Ira Glass On Creativity (or, The Gap Between Our Taste And Our Work…)

6.  Jay Baer, the man, myth and yes legend behind Convince and Convert, his blog turned ridiculously awesome source for content on social media strategy.  No bullshit marketing posts, this guy does the research, he’s some sort of scientist I’m sure of it.  8 Strategic Blog Questions Before You Write 1 Word

7.  A blunt and to the point post from Copyblogger.  Hope you get as inspired as I did.  How To Be Interesting

8.  Timothy Ferriss is one of the smartest people in the world.  If you’ve never read his writing start here and then try the Four Hour Work Week book.  It’ll change your life.  Blogging by Numbers: How to Create Headlines That Get Retweeted

9.  Anything Seth writes you should probably at least read, he’s short and to the point.  He’ll be regarded as the best business writer of our time.  Seth Godin on Writing naked (nakeder than Orwell)

10.  Another Copyblogger classic.  8 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers

11.  Hubspot has been know for very thought provoking blog posts.  They’re the ones who developed website grader and it’s current rendition, marketing grader.  A very smart company.  Here’s Hubspot’s take on how to create a balanced blog.  5 Types of Posts to Create a Balanced Blog

12.  Problogger is another great resource for online marketing, here’s an entertaining and helpful read.  10 David Ogilvy Quotes that Could Revolutionize Your Blogging

13.  This post on Springboard SEO’s blog really offers a lot of hints for such a short read.  You need to read this one.  10 Steps to Writing Better Web Content

14. Mitch Joel again on the Six Pixels of Separation blog give away some gold here.  9 Glorious Truths About Creating Great Content

15.  There’s very little written about using humor to get your point across, that’s why I really like this blog.  Experiment with humor once in a while, or all the time.  12 Most Hysterical Ways to Add Humor to Your Blog

***16.  “I’m a lousy copywriter” – Brilliant advice from David Ogilvy

What’s your favorite blog on writing?

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