The Top 100 Most Engaging People On Twitter In Regina [Infographic]

Follow me please!Hopefully you’ve seen the 100 Most Influential People on Twitter from Regina infographic we compiled last week. 

This list differs from the 100 Most Influential list because this is a list of the people who actually talk to other people on Twitter. So yeah, this is the list of people you’re going to want to follow.

This list is made up of people who have Regina listed in their bio on Twitter. Then I sorted the list of 16,141 people by percentage of @ mentions in their time line. I think this is one of the most interesting lists because these are the people who will talk to you.  Who want to talk to you. These are the folks who engage the most.


Searched bios on Twitter for: Regina

Sorted by: % of Tweets containing @ mentions

For the entire list of everyone who came up for the “Regina” bio search (and to find your own score), see the Spreadsheet here: 8,267 people from Regina on Twitter.

The Top 100 Most Engaging People On Twitter In Regina

See the 100 Most Influential People on Twitter from Regina infographic.


2 replies
  1. jephmaystruck
    jephmaystruck says:

    Hi John, I looked at the data set and you’re right, the dates are corrupt, I will fix shortly. As for you name, I also see it on the list I was looking at so maybe I just need to update it.

    Thanks for reading!!


  2. John Klein
    John Klein says:

    Hi Jeph,
    The dates for last tweet and created appear corrupt, they report many in the future.

    Was the report for this done before the earlier list? I added “Regina” to my @saskboy account bio, but it didn’t show up.


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