The Condescending Customer Service Representative – Episode 14 #InTheLab

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears? The condescending customer service rep.

You know who I’m talking about. That person at a place you frequent that just doesn’t understand customer service. They need to be right, they seem to dislike human interactions, they make you feel bad for simple things. Usually a customer representative at a front desk or a place that interacts with people a lot. It’s sad really.

I was at a hotel in Saskatoon, I checked into my hotel. I parked my car and walking past the lobby I ask cheerfully to the bellhop, “g’day mate! Could I trouble you for the wifi password?” he looks up from the very important work he was working on and in a condescending tone says, “oh, it’s in the package they gave you when you checked in, but here I can give it to you again.”

How to win friends and influence peopleWhy did he have to do that? When you’re helping someone you don’t need to add the attitude. It’s a lose lose situation. Think about it. He makes his point, they DID include the wifi password in the binder of papers they gave me, but now I think he’s a pretentious prick because he called me out for a simple question asked.

Remember what Dale Carnegie taught us in How to Win Friend and Influence People. Never tell someone they’re wrong. It’s just not a polite thing to do.