We Love Our Community

Here's How We Give Back

Growing up in Regina, we are both very fortunate for the community we have around us. We believe that if you’ve been given a gift, the only way to keep it is to pass it along.

Uplifting T-shirts. ca

Jeph teaches Admin 224 (Entrepreneurship) at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. The class project was to start a company that actually created a product and sold it for a profit. The class chose social enterprise (donating the profit back to a Non-profit) and we ended up selling 60 t-shirts in 7 days and donating $1,000 to Carmichael Outreach in Regina. Then in 2016 we were interviewed on CBC for the “Free Hugs” campaign we did!



MisMatched Mittens

This years class project was to start a company that sold “MisMatched Mittens”. We again went with social enterprise and we ended up selling 89 pairs of mitts in 3 weeks and donating $885 to the Redcross #ImagineNoBullying Campaign in Regina. We also got a little press in the LeaderPost for MisMatched Mitten.

Pecha Kucha

We are organizers for a local event series in town called PechaKucha Night (PKN). It is a non-profit evening of fun that focuses on creating awareness for community, the arts and creative professionals in Regina, SK. We are now moving into our third volume of Pecha Kucha, which will be held in mid-September.


Pecha Kucha Night Regina is the first Saskatchewan installation and 20th PKN city listed in Canada. There are nearly 800 cities around the world using the Pecha Kucha name and trademark, some with as little as 10 people in attendance, some in the thousands. It rests on a patented presentation format of 20×20 (20 image slides x 20 seconds per slide).


It is essentially a very informal and fun community gathering where presenters share their ideas, works, thoughts –just about anything, really.

Big Idea Camp

 In 2015 with the help of Jordan McFarlen we started Big Idea Camp a business camp for highschool students.

CBC also wrote an article about Big Idea Camp

Regina Volleyball Club

Jeph has coached Volleyball for the past 6 years and joined the Regina Volleyball Club board last year. He’s also president of the club this year!

Campbell Collegiate Business Program

We proudly help the Campbell business program by regularly attending board meetings, offering feedback to the class companies, and giving presentations to help them learn. But honestly, we probably learn more from them than they learn from us. It is absolutely remarkable how smart this generation coming up is, I can hardly wait till they hit the work force.

Pride Week

We happily supported Pride Week which took place June 9, 2014 in Regina.