Brandon Wu

- For as long as I can remember, I've always been fascinated with building things. Lego, soapbox cars, weedwacker-powered scooters, and DIY camera gear are a few things in my portfolio, but it wasn't until I built my first blog, that I really found my groove. Without the intent of making money, I began looking into ways to build websites more efficiently and eventually started helping others. I really just wanted to watch out for other entrepreneurs who shouldn’t have been spending massive amounts of their hard earned marketing dollars on an overpriced website. I believe Seth Godin said it best regarding recognizing the importance of a straightforward website: “For most people, that’s all you need. A website that’s good enough. Not that breaks new ground, establishes a new identity, discovers new ways for people to interact online. Just a good enough website that didn’t kill you to launch.” I build websites that make the most sense for your business. The one that helps a prospect gain trust and get information. For most, this is about good content, easy navigation, and simplicity.


Jeph Maystruck

I love marketing and making people smarter. I grew up in Regina and will one day show the world how amazing our little city is. I coach volleyball, I love it, it's my favorite hobby. I'm a self proclaimed master chef (not really, just kind of a fatty on the inside, I love to make delicious food) I read lots, yeah you're right, that sounds nerdy. I assure you, I'm not a nerd. I like positive people, loud shoes and I believe when cooking you can never add too much butter, chocolate chips, bacon or cheese. Think about it. I play tennis, golf, hockey, volleyball, bocce ball, and Ping Pong. I've been a consultant for the past four years and have learned a lot in my time working with an array of businesses. Strategy really is about choosing what not to do. Defining your vision, values, and BHAGs*, is probably the most important thing you will do in your business. *Big Hairy Audacious Goals "You can either fit in or stand out but you can't do both." -Seth Godin


Derek Wu

Hi I'm Derek, you could say I'm a pro-Regina guy and I do believe there are only two seasons, golf season and not golf season. I went to the University of Regina but got my education throwing parties, cabaret's and events at a variety of venues all over Regina. I liked getting people together and helping them have a good time. A modern day Jerry Lewis if you will, you know, the "fun" instigator. Don't tempt me with a good time. I don't know why but I've always had a different opinion of how events and parties show be run. The world needs a little more fun in it, I think I bring that to the projects I work on. I worked for a while for a local web development company here in Regina, SquareFlo New Media, as we liked to call it. I like the online industry, I've worked in it and know a lot of friends who work in it, I enjoy helping people in the web development world as well. I am a managing partner in CoWork Regina and still do a lot within the Regina nightlife. I'm a people person and I like the online world but I don't love it. I still think the best meetings are done in person. There's something said for someone who understands the social world but doesn't put all their eggs in one digital basket. Sure I may have a lot of friends on Facebook, but Twitter and LinkedIn are a completely different story. (Not Instagram, I kick the shit out of Insta too) I don't believe you have to be everywhere, figure out where you can cause the most ruckus and go there. Yes some people call it influence, or inspiring or leading, I like to refer to is as causing a 'ruckus'. Because when you cause a ruckus people notice, they acknowledge, they develop an opinion of you. You see the goal isn't to please everyone by standing for nothing, it's standing for something you believe in, even though people may disagree. There's power in standing for something you believe in.


Braedon Delorme

Hey, I'm Braedon! I like long walks on the beach and sunsets. My roll at Strategy Lab is hard to put a pin in. There'd be too many pins! I'd describe myself as a quick on my feet, creative go-getter, who knows a perfect opportunity when he sees it. I am involved in our SEO strategy, content creation, and website design, just to name a few. I bring fresh, innovative ideas to the table that others haven't thought of yet. I believe in measurable changes and never being afraid to try something new. I am currently a student at the U of R working toward a degree in marketing but feel I learn more about the current state of business from reading all sorts of books, blogs, and everything in between. I look forward to working with you to create a big bang for your business in the near future!

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